What Kind of Jewelry Should A Virgo Wear?

Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for the beautiful Virgo in your life or you’re a Virgoan looking for custom jewelry that exudes your classic, natural, and refined nature, you may find that your answers lie in the stars. 

While astrology isn’t built to dictate every little choice in life, it can be helpful in picking out patterns you may be drawn to, including those bejeweled on zodiac collection pendants, detail necklaces, and earrings. 

Our list of 4 vibrant Virgo zodiac sign jewelry styles will help you highlight your graceful Virgo woman’s essence with accessories Hermes himself would approve of.  

The Virgo Lowdown

Since you’re reading up on astrology-related jewelry, you probably already have a good base knowledge of Virgo’s attributes. It never hurts to brush up on the basics, though:

  • Virgo is one of the three earth signs (the others being Capricorn and Taurus).
  • Virgo is a mutable star sign, meaning that Virgos accept and adapt naturally to change. They are organized and meticulous, continually ready for whatever is coming next.
  • Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, associated with the Greek deity Hermes, messenger to the gods. Virgos are concerned with taking in information and spreading it around, and they thrive in situations where they can put their sharp wits and widespread connections to good use. 

Remember that astrology is a massively complex system. Your sun sign is just one piece of a much larger puzzle—your birth chart. Sun signs give us insight into our core egoic energy and our motivating drive in life, but they often exist in conflict with other important placements on your birth chart. 

If you know your birth time and the city you were born in, you can easily look up your entire birth chart online and choose a striking piece of Virgo jewelry that represents your astral alignments. Our Zodiac pendant collection and luna signet rings feature star-studded designs that shine with ethereal elegance. 

#1 A Constellation Around Your Neck

Your astrological birth chart is essentially a picture of the sky at the moment of your birth.  Virgoans, of course, were born under the Virgin constellation, also known as Virgo. Zodiac sign jewelry meets the study of astronomy in the form of 12FIFTEEN Diamond’s new Zodiac series pendants.

These gorgeous pendants feature lab-grown diamonds that represent the individual stars in twelve zodiac constellations. They’re a great choice for starry-eyed soul seekers and science-minded space fans alike. 

Wear just one for your sun sign, or stack multiple pendants to energize each of your big three placements (your sun, moon, and rising signs).

#2 Circuit Board Style Studs

Virgos are known for being orderly and fastidious. We think that these Silver Geometric Stud Earrings match that energy perfectly. 

Embrace the Virgoan desire for a neatly organized existence with two straight baguette-cut lab-grown diamonds per stud, accentuated with a princess shape diamond at their intersection. Set in a square-shaped silver base, the detailed lines in these delicate earrings mirror the geometric patterns found in a circuit board (or a star chart, for that matter).

#3 A Tasteful Bit of Bling

Like all earth signs, Virgos take great care with the management of their physical appearance. The element of earth rules the material realm, after all, along with the beautiful baubles that come with it. 

While Virgos may not be as concerned with balance as their next-door neighbor Libra, they do tend toward modesty rather than all-out ostentation. That said, consider picking up a subtle show-off piece:

  • Tennis bracelet – With fifty-one lab-grown diamonds, an exquisite Tennis Bracelet will never go out of style. Wear the bracelet with the rarest colored diamond out to brunch with friends and prepare for a barrage of compliments, or make a sophisticated first impression on that upcoming blind date. 
  • Hoop earrings – Pay tribute to Alpha Virginis, the brightest star of the Virgo constellation, with a pair of Single Stone Hoop Earrings. The streaks of white gold bordering the top and bottom of each lab-grown diamond mimic the sparkling of a far-off star. Plus, the understated design of a simple hoop has major Virgo energy. 
Single Stone Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold
  • Diamond zodiac necklace – To organized individuals with Virgo placements, monograms are a must. Pick up a blingy virgo necklace from the Initial Pendant Collection and label yourself with a “V” for Virgo in lustrous lab-grown diamonds. 

Capture the Beauty of the Stars With 12FIFTEEN Diamonds

For virtuous, dedicated, and elegant Virgos, one type of stone tops all the others: Diamonds reflect Virgoan clarity and refinement like no other jewel.

For perfectionists like Virgos, a clear, clean-cut diamond speaks volumes. At 12FIFTEEN, our  lab diamonds feature the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as diamonds found on the earth—and sparkle with the brilliance of the diamonds in the sky. 

Lab-grown diamonds offer all the benefits of mined natural diamonds, without the exorbitant price tag or ethical concerns. For a discerning Virgo, an heirloom zodiac jewelry piece made with lab-grown types of gemstones is a calculation that makes perfect sense. 


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