5 Jewelry for Libra Signs

Table of Contents

  • #1 Tennis Bracelet for Balance
  • #2 Initial Pendant for the Social Butterfly
  • #3 Earrings for Empathy
  • #4 Lariat Necklace for Beauty


If your birthday lands between September 23rd and October 22nd, you have the cosmic charm of the Scales, otherwise known as the Libra. Libras possess the power of balance, justice, and humble harmony. Also revered as one of the most aesthetically appealing signs in the Zodiac—both in body and soul—it’s no surprise that Libras need a cohesive jewelry box full of sparkle. 

Pairing Libra’s already elegant style with perfect statement detail pieces can turn an everyday look into an unforgettable one. 

Wherever Libra may lie in your natal chart, you can invest in detail jewelry that reflects your true, astrological nature. Thoughtfully curating a beautiful collection may help you achieve harmony within yourself. 

#1 Tennis Bracelet for Balance

Above all things, Libras believe in reaching balance in their personal relationships and communities. A Libra’s self-confidence can often wane if they feel as if their efforts go unnoticed or yield unsuccessful results. 

Luckily, self-worth does not lie in other people’s perception of you (a lesson Libras may need to remind themselves of). Instead, true self-worth comes from striking a balance within your body, mind, and soul.

Tennis Bracelets in 14K Yellow Gold

A tennis bracelet can bring balance to every outfit with its subtle nature and dazzling shine. With a tennis bracelet wrapped around your wrist, you can feel the power of a weighty accessory that adds to your overall look without drawing attention. 

In the name of balance, a tennis bracelet can accompany you to almost any occasion, including:

  • To the office – With a tennis bracelet on one wrist and a stylish watch on the other, you can walk into the office with grace and poise. Simultaneously bold and beautiful, this bracelet can say a lot, so you don’t have to – except maybe during a meeting. 
  • On a night out – If you’re going all out for a girl’s night out or a romantic dinner for two, a tennis bracelet can give you a sophisticated touch that will complement your outfit without overshadowing it.  
  • Wedding or bridalshower – Forget the bouquet. You’ve got yourself a beautiful bracelet. Pair a bridesmaid dress or bridal shower sundress with a stunning bracelet that may catch the eyes of everyone who asks you to dance. Just because it’s the bride’s big day doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun yourself. 

Libras and tennis bracelets give off the same energy. Both operate as an understated staple piece in any ensemble. Let your personality shine brighter than ever with a bit of help.  

#2 Initial Pendant for the Social Butterfly

No one does it like a Libra when it comes to social situations.

Libras often come equipped with the glorious gift of gab. Libras have the amazing ability to make the people they speak with feel like the center of their world. Fireworks erupt, and doves fly, only for the Libra to flit away and inspire a similar experience in someone else at the party.

If you consider yourself a socialite-level Libra, consider giving yourself the perfect gift of fab with an initial pendant necklace. 

A sparkling yet understated initial necklace can say many things, such as:

  • “Everyone at this party already knows my name.”
  • “You’ll always associate me with this letter now.”
  • “Sorry, I talked so fast I probably didn’t even tell you my name; it’s Madison.”

If you want to let people know right off the bat that you live for your Libra sign, you’re in luck. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Zodiac collection. Take your libra zodiac jewelry to the next level with an intricate pendant decorated with our lab-grown diamonds so you can show off your Scales with pride. 

Just like that, you’ve got a statement piece and conversation starter. Skip the small talk. Go ahead and dive in. 

#3 Earrings for Empathy

Due to their quest to strike a balance wherever they go, Libras often use empathy when relating to others. They put themselves in other people’s shoes and do whatever they can to create harmony in a situation. That means that Libras give others a shoulder to cry on and are always ready to lend an ear. 

Treat yourself for being such a fantastic active listener with a stylish pair of earrings. Show others that your ears are always open when they need them with these stylish accessories: 

  • Stud earrings – Try a simple set of Halo Stud Earrings to draw in your friends. Let the additional halo lining show off your good intentions and show everyone your altruistic angel aesthetics. 
  • Hoops – Hoops lean into that air sign energy. Let the air flow through your hoops and let the whispers, secrets, and gossip float into your open ears. Keep in mind—with great hoops comes great responsibility. 
  • Cluster earrings – An excellent accessory for a Libra is equal parts complex and simple. These Silver Marquise Cluster Huggie Earrings may look small, but they have a delicate, intricate design. Like Libras, they’re much more than what meets the eye. 

#4 Lariat Necklace for Beauty

More than many other signs, Libras value beauty. As aesthetic creatures ruled by Venus, Libras are attracted to beautiful things like bees to honey. 

For Libras, an elegant lariat necklace embodies the best of both beauty and humility. Make a nod to your Libra roots with beautiful baubles that mimic the balancing act of the Scales constellation.

Decadently gorgeous without being ostentatious, a lariat necklace can complement outfits with:

  • Plunging necklines – Designed with longer chains and a pendant to draw the eye, a lariat necklace can bring an alluring charm to any ensemble (including one with a bit more cleavage). 
  • Turtlenecks – Shorter chains can become stifled when layered on top of a turtleneck. A lariat necklace elegantly drapes down the front of your neckline for an eye-catching yet simple accessory. 
  • Layering – Pair your lariat necklace with an equally gorgeous necklace with a short chain. Layering necklaces elevates any outfit by mixing lengths and textures. 

Some believe that Libras practice superficial, materialistic, or shallow practices. This common misconception follows Libras around and weighs on them heavily. A Libra may value beauty, but no more than they value balance. 

Overspending on luxurious items is not indicative of Libras. They may splurge here and there for a perfect gift or self-care purposes, but they do not believe in flaunting their gifts to spark jealousy or insecurity in others. Follow in a Libras step by opting for fabulous custom jewelry at a Libra-pleasing price. Our lab-grown diamonds offer the same illustrious look and sparkle as natural diamonds for a fraction of the cost. Splurge on guilt-free diamonds by opting for a more sustainable method. Invest in the future, and invest in yourself. 

#5 Diamond Rings for Love

Venus (aka the planet of love) rules over Libras. Libras often find themselves daydreaming, flirting up a storm, or simply yearning for idyllic love. With their endless, loving nature, it’s no shock when Libras have been designated the hopeless romantic of the Zodiac. 

Celebrate your lust for love with the most enchanting, universal sign for love: a diamond ring. 

Fashion rings made with dazzling love in mind, a diamond engagement ring can make any Libra swoon. Some cuts that work exceptionally well with Libra sensibilities include:

  • Princess cut – Treat yourself like royalty with a princess shape diamond ring. Our lab-grown diamonds offer the same look and feel as natural diamonds to turn your fairytale romance into forever. 
  • Round cut – A well-balanced and classical look will pair well with Libra’s search for a beautiful harmony. Round out the ring with additional types of gemstones on the side to add some sparkle while giving your center gemstone room to shine. 
  • Heart cut – If you’re a Libra who loves love, why hide it? Opt for a uniquely gorgeous heart-cut diamond that will give you butterflies. Let everyone know that you lead with your heart on your sleeve (and on your finger).
Rhea Heart Cut Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold

Libra’s loyalty lies in their love for others. Treasure your love with the rarest diamond engagement ring to symbolize your eternal bond. 

Follow the Stars with 12FIFTEEN Diamonds

Whatever your astrological sign, you can feel free to express yourself with astrology jewelry that speaks to your heart and soul. At 12FIFTEEN, we believe in the power of the stars and the empowerment Zodiacs can provide. Make sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Zodiac astrology collection. 

Whether you contain the boldness of a Leo, the intuition of a Pisces, or the adventurous spirit of a Sagittarius, you can wear your star symbol with pride. Each Libra necklace contains our lab-grown diamonds. Grown with carbon, our lab-grown diamonds provide the same dazzling sparkle as natural diamonds without contributing to unethical mining practices. 

Find balance within yourself by treating yourself to stunning diamond jewelry without the guilt or the cost. Protect this planet while celebrating all others that contribute to your Zodiac sign. 


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