What Jewelry Should A Cancer Wear?

Nurturing, emotional, and protective over everything and everyone they love, Cancers are the much-cherished natural hearth-keepers of the Zodiac. When shopping for the astrological sign of Cancer, it can be helpful to understand the astrological origins of their likes and dislikes. If you’re a Cancer yourself, you have an even more reason to explore your star-studded preferences. 

Lily Heart Cut Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

In addition to guiding you to zodiac jewelry styles you’ll love, an understanding of your astrology can serve as a lifelong navigation and meditation tool to help you care for yourself as much as you care for others.

We’ve put together a primer on the major astrological placements for the astrological sign of Cancer, alongside jewelry recommendations for each. Dive deep into the warm waters of Cancer energy, and take home a treasure that will impress the caring Cancerian in your life. 

Accessorize According to Your Birth Chart

When someone asks you for your zodiac sign, they’re probably wondering about your sun sign. The sun sign is often referred to by daily horoscopes and online personality tests, but it is far from the only influential astrological placement to consider.

Your birth chart is calculated using your birth date, birthplace, and birth time, down to the minute. You can access your birth chart using a number of online tools, which is a huge step up from the complicated math and compass graphing paper astrology required in the past.

Birth charts track all kinds of astrological bodies across the twelve astrological houses, and a trained astrologer can analyze all the little details. Every placement hinges together, and relationships between placements are just as important as the placements themselves. 

Even a novice astrology enthusiast can gain a ton of insight from their birth chart by identifying their “big three”—their sun, moon, and rising signs. 

Style One: Rings for a Cancer Sun

The true meaning of your sun sign may surprise you—far from the personality-defining structure touted by pop astrology, your sun sign is more of a guiding force, directing your attention towards life lessons you need to learn. With Cancer in the sun, you will encounter repeated themes of home, healing, and nurturing throughout your life.

Here are a few more helpful facts about Cancer suns:

  • Since they are learning the path of the homemaker or the healer, they may be challenged by the concept of non-attachment and letting go, and struggle with codependency (picture a crab’s claw, locked tight around something precious).
  • Cancer suns may find that they have strong maternal or managerial instincts, led by a desire to caretake and nurture. 
  • Cancer is one of the cardinal signs, making them one of the leaders of the zodiac. 

Our Pick: Simple Rings to Symbolize Love

Cancer suns are people who spend their lives building loving communities. Reflect that love back at them with the perfect  gift of a simple, high-quality diamond ring:

  • Chain ring – A Silver Chain Link Ring fashioned in the form of an interlocking chain is a clear symbol of lasting commitment and support. A relatively affordable metal, sterling silver has mystic ties to Cancerian energy.
  • Heart-shaped ring – When viewed from a certain angle, a ring shaped into the outline of a heart shows a secret message of undying love and devotion. A heart-shaped ring like the Demi Accented Wedding Band is accented with lab grown diamonds to imbue your perfect gift with meaning. 
  • White-gold ring – The 14-karat Hammered Comfort Wedding Band with a handmade depression gives a subtle nod to Cancer’s element of water—the white gold plated ring itself resembles the ocean’s freckled floor.

Style Two: A Precious Pendant Necklace for a Cancer Moon

If you’re a Cancer moon, we have good news for you— you’ve been lucky enough to have an extremely positive placement. Cancer is the only star sign ruled by the moon, so La Luna feels perfectly at home floating in the clear and nourishing Cancerian waters.

The moon is the determiner of your inner life, your shadow self, and your most closely held emotions. Cancer is a sign predisposed to be in alignment with this purpose, instinctually holding dear what matters most in life—deep, nurturing, loving relationships. 

When purchasing Cancer zodiac jewelry, consider your giftee’s innate ties to the values of their moon sign. Remember, a person’s moon sign often describes what they hold most dear. When properly understood, a moon sign can lead you down a path of inner discovery and celebration. 

Our Pick: 12FIFTEEN Diamonds’ Cancer Zodiac Pendant

For such a well-aligned astrological placement, there’s no better gift  for loved ones than a piece of jewelry that makes direct reference to the sign itself. 12FIFTEEN Diamonds’ Zodiac collection is a stunning series of pendants designed around each of the twelve major astrological constellations. 

The Crab constellation (or the Scarab, to the ancient Egyptians) has long been associated with deep emotion, creation, and the Mother Goddess archetype. Cancer moons will no doubt relish the ability to trace the shape of their patron constellation while pondering their love for those closest to them.

At 12FIFTEEN, we use radiant lab-grown diamonds to represent the stars in Cancer. They’re presented in a setting of etched precious metals, emblazoned with the image of the crab.

Remind yourself of the most precious treasures of your heart with a Cancer zodiac necklace that writes your love in the stars. 

Style Three: Jewelry for a Cancer Rising

Rising signs help us understand the way our energy manifests in the world around us. If your closest friends took a quiz about your innate qualities, odds are that they might come up with your rising sign as a result. 

Cancer risings, like all other Cancer placements, are ruled by the moon, so we’ll look to the moon for guidance about what Cancer rising energy looks like:

  • Cancer risings are born to shift through ever-changing cycles. Like the moon, they’re different every day, and lust for new challenges, problems to solve, and forms to assume.
  • Since Lunar energy is inherently tied to the Divine Feminine, Cancer moons require regular rest periods of solitude and inner reflection. This mirrors the new moon period of the Lunar cycle when the moon is seemingly absent from the sky.
  • Rising signs have a reputation for manifesting physically. Cancer moons show off their lunar lineage with wide eyes and round facial features. 

Our Pick: Round Silhouettes to Remind you of the Moon

Circles are the perfect shape to suit well-rounded, moon-driven Cancer risings. The circle is a classic shape when it comes to fine jewelry, and round-cut gems are a guaranteed winner when you’re shopping for a Cancer. 

Here are just a few ideas for circular accessories that reference the full moon:

  • Hoop earringsInside Out Hoop Earrings are the perfect subtle nod to Cancer’s patron astral body. A pair encrusted with one hundred brilliant lab-grown diamonds will show the Cancer in your life exactly how much you care. Plus, one hundred is a perfectly round number—the meaning has many layers, just like the Cancer you love. 
  • Pendant necklace – Put the moon on a string with the simple and striking Round Cut 4-Prong Single Bail Pendant. While the phases of the moon ebb and flow, your Cancer rising will always have the power of the full moon at its fingertips. 
  • Link bracelet – The delicate Link Bracelet inset with twenty-one round-cut lab diamonds looks like it’s woven out of mini-moons. Either that, or it’s a constellation stretched out and made solid into a collection of stars you can wear around your wrist. Whatever bright lights it reminds you of, it’s certain to make your Cancer rising glow with appreciation.
Link Bracelet in 14K White Gold

Style Four: An Engagement Ring for A Cancer Venus

The Venusian placement may not be one of the “big three,” but it’s still an extremely informative sign to study. Ruling our relationship with love, romance, and intimacy, Venus placements reveal our top priorities in our relationships with others.

Like a crab, people with Cancer in Venus have a sensitive interior protected by a tough outer shell. It takes a while for them to trust other people, but once you’ve made it past their claws, they will remain loyal to you for life.

If you’ve fallen madly in love with a Cancer Venus and they reciprocate your feelings, you should feel completely confident in locking that relationship down. Build a beautiful emotional home and promise your beloved Cancer lifelong commitment with picking an engagement ring.

Our Pick: A Unique Creation for your Venusian Crab

The Cancer Venus in your life goes out of their way to attend to your every need. Give them the same amount of loving attention by crafting the symbol of your love around their unique personality. You can’t go wrong with a custom engagement ring beset with lab diamonds.

Select a platinum and gold band and a three stone style to bring to mind the phases of the moon. Top it off with a heart-cut center stone for a ring that screams “I love you to the depths of the ocean, and to the furthest reaches of the stars”.

12FIFTEEN Diamonds: Fine Jewelry for the Spirited Soul

When you observe the patterns of the universe, you learn secrets about your inner self, something that sensitive, emotional Cancerians understand well. That being said, astrology can act as a map that guides you to your deepest desires, life purpose, and favorite jewelry pieces.

For a lasting symbol of your lunar brilliance, 12FIFTEEN Diamonds makes beautifully designed jewelry with ethical, lab-grown diamonds that capture the majesty of the stars without building up any negative karma.

From Zodiac pendants to represent your “big three” placements to custom-made engagement rings that reflect your deep love, 12FIFTEEN Diamonds has star-studded, heirloom-quality jewelry you need to decorate your universe.


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