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The One Love Collection

The One Love

Simple goes with everything. A gorgeous single stone and simple band that you can wear like a big badge of love or stack up with other rings for a statement that says “don’t underestimate me.” Let’s not forget the metal! If you’re going with a solitaire, the craftsmanship and architecture of the precious metal setting has got to be perfect. These are.

Say Yes To The Tech

The Halo Effect Collection

The Halo Effect

Go all-out glam with statement rings that make the sun say “Girl, you shine.” Yes, that’s why they call them halos! Dazzling little diamonds make your center stone look even bigger than it is, saving you cash and upping the I-can-wear-all-black-and-still-kick-your-fashion-ass factor. Or, just love them for what they are: really really pretty.

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Envy Halo

Envy Halo

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Guilt Be Gone!

Lab Grown Round Cut Diamond

What's A Lab Grown Diamond?

It’s a diamond. And a diamond is a diamond if the stone has a crystalized carbon structure. Diamonds that are grown in a lab (yes, lab diamonds “grow” from carbon seeds) are actually rarer than mined diamonds. Welcome to 12FIFTEEN. No blood diamonds, no mining of the earth, no dredging of the oceans. And the lowest prices on lab created diamonds, guaranteed. Brilliant, isn’t it?

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