Learn about diamond cut grade and find out how we grade lab diamonds using our stringent certification process.


Diamond cut grade is the measurement of how a diamond’s facets interact with light. Three things are measured: scintillation—the amount of sparkle a diamond emits; fire—the scattering of white light; and brilliance—how the light is reflected from the diamond.

Both lab diamonds and mined diamonds are renowned for their sparkle, making them a great choice for any type of fine jewelry.

When it comes to diamond cut, there are many choices—from very precise with superb sparkle to average and below. At 12FIFTEEN, we only offer lab diamonds with an above-average diamond cut grade for each unique shape. Why? Because quality means everything to us.


Diamond cut is one of the 4C’s of Diamond Quality, along with diamond color, clarity and carat weight. The way a diamond is cut affects the amount of sparkle it emits and how it’s reflected. This makes it one of the most important quality standards to consider.

The problem is, there is no consistent grading scale from retailer to retailer which makes it difficult to get a true sense of quality. That’s because retailers use a variety of diamond certification agencies to grade their diamonds, including IGI, GIA, AGS and GCAL.

While some agencies feature Ideal as their highest cut grade, others use the term Triple Zero. This means an Ideal cut grade from one agency could be very different in proportion from an Ideal cut grade from another.

That’s why we created our own independent certification system that is fair, honest and more stringent than any other process out there. So you can be confident in the cut and quality of your diamond.

Learn the 4C’s of Diamond Quality


You deserve the best. That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality lab diamonds around.

We developed our own stringent standard for accurately evaluating diamond cut. This includes closely reviewing all features in a more comprehensive manner compared to other retailers—guaranteeing a truly accurate cut grade for every single diamond.

In order to earn a cut grade, every attribute of the diamond must meet our quality standards. And because our system is far more robust than other retailers, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re getting.

At 12FIFTEEN we believe transparency is key. Each diamond includes our detailed cut grade formula—unlike other retailers who hide their formulas. Our straightforward grading system includes a range of Super Ideal, Ideal, Very Good and Good. Because of our high standards, nothing below a Good diamond cut leaves our facility.

Simply put, Super Ideal diamonds are the absolute best of the best. Only a very small percentage of diamonds earn this grade—whether lab grown or mined. This is because a Super Ideal diamond perfectly showcases a diamond’s fire, sparkle and brilliance.

And because our standards are more stringent than other retailers, you can be sure your Super Ideal diamond is the absolute best cut quality.

Just like your love, a Super Ideal diamond is both rare and beautiful making it the perfect choice for your forever adornment.

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Ideal diamonds showcase similar visual attributes to that of Super Ideal diamonds but with a few exceptions. While not absolutely perfect, Ideal cut diamonds feature superior light return and exude the natural beauty of lab grown diamonds.

Ideal diamonds are a great choice for those looking for near-perfect sparkle.

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Very Good cut diamonds offer the performance of high-quality diamonds at a better value. They return most of the light that enters the diamonds making them visually stunning.

Very Good cut diamonds are a great choice for those looking for a quality diamond at a good value.

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Good cut diamonds offer similar performance as Very Good diamonds with good characteristics. They return most of the fire, sparkle and brilliance that you expect from a well-cut diamond.

Good cut diamonds are a great choice for those looking for a quality diamond at a lower price point.

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