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The Diamonds

What is a lab grown diamond?

Our diamonds are lab grown diamonds, they’re grown in a laboratory like flowers in a greenhouse. The diamond that comes out of the lab is exactly the same as a rough diamond that is mined. After that, the diamond is cut and polished just as any other diamond would be. It’s the same.

So, is it a diamond?

Yes. Lab grown diamonds are made of carbon, just like diamonds pulled from the ground. They’re identical chemically. No different.

Why are lab diamonds better than mined diamonds?

Our lab diamonds are not only better for the environment because they are not mined, but they are of the highest quality, at a lower price than mined diamonds. You can be confident that you’re getting a great value for your lab diamond.

What are the 4C’s?

The 4C’s are what all diamonds and lab diamonds are graded on to determine quality.

Color: measures the degree of colorlessness. Stones are graded on a scale that ranges from D (colorless) to Z (yellow).

Cut: refers to how well it returns light; Excellent being ideal standards, Poor being the lowest possible standards.

Clarity: refers to the number, size and position of inclusions and blemishes. Diamonds are graded on a scale from Flawless (no inclusions) to I3 (obvious inclusions).

Carat Weight: measures a diamond’s apparent size. Price increases with carat weight because larger diamonds are more valuable.

What does it mean to have a certified lab diamond?

Our lab diamonds are sent to IGI to be graded and certified, just as mined diamonds are. Certified lab diamonds have a laser engraved certification number that is invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen under magnification (and appears on your paperwork). Laser inscriptions provide peace of mind when making a lab diamond purchase.

Can I purchase a loose lab diamond?

Of course. You can purchase any of our loose lab diamonds by themselves.

The Rings

Why are your rings better?

Our rings are better because our quality is better. Unlike large batches of mass-produced rings, our settings are handcrafted individually with the finest materials. Our superior quality and low price point set us apart from the rest.

What metal types do you offer?

Any of our settings can be made in 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, 14K rose gold or platinum. We do not offer 18K rose gold because it is less durable than 14K rose gold, and we strive to provide only the best quality. If you need help deciding which option is right for you, contact one of our 12FIFTEEN Consultants.

What if I find the right stone, but not the right setting?

No problem, a 12FIFTEEN Consultant would be happy to help. Give us a call at 800-604-1215, or email us at info@1215diamonds.com, and a jewelry expert will work with you to create the piece you’re looking for.

Do you offer custom engagement rings?

12FIFTEEN is one of three Forever Companies. Although we do not offer custom design, our sister company, Forever Artisans, specializes in custom engagement rings and fine jewelry. Contact a 12FIFTEEN Consultant to learn more.

Do you offer pre-set rings?

We don’t offer pre-set rings, but one of our 12FIFTEEN Consultants would be happy to assist you in the design process.

What if my ring doesn’t fit when I receive it?

We provide one free resizing for each ring within the first year after your purchase. Just contact a 12FIFTEEN Consultant, they’re here to help.

The Money

How much does a 12FIFTEEN engagement ring cost?

We pride ourselves on being accessible, which is why our prices are the lowest in the industry. The cost of lab ranges, but most consistently runs 20-30% less than mined diamonds. But, let’s talk value: our metal is pure, our construction is solid (not hollow), our stones are not mined and almost completely ethically and ecologically pure. Our value Is unbeatable.

What are my payment options?

We offer numerous payment and financing options. Affirm Financing offers three to 36-month financing options with 10-30% APR. Answer a few questions and find out if you’re approved right away. At checkout, you may choose to pay with a credit card or PayPal Credit®, which offers no interest for the first six months. Learn more about our financing options here.

The Fine Print

Is my purchase guaranteed?

Your 12FIFTEEN setting is covered for 12 months and includes a Manufacturing Defect Warranty.

Coverage includes two Spa Days, during which we will clean, polish and inspect your ring, as well as re-brighten it in rhodium and tighten the prongs if needed. Lost stones will be replaced for just the cost of the replacement stone; we will set it for free. Spa Days also include free U.S. shipping both ways. This does not replace the need for insurance. For recommendations, contact Customer Service.

Your ring comes with a Manufacturer Defect Guarantee. For the lifetime of your ring, if there is a manufacturing defect with your setting, we will repair or replace your ring free of charge. Any damage caused by accidents or normal wear and tear can be repaired for a nominal fee.

*Some limitations apply: Void if another jeweler works on the item. Limit of two repairs and two Spa Days within the first year. Does not cover lost rings or missing ring components. If components are missing, repairs may incur a cost to replace those missing components. Added services such as soldering rings together or adding bishop bumps are not included.

Do you ship internationally?

We offer a few different shipping methods for our international customers. Any duties, taxes, or fees charged by your country or local customs office is the responsibility of the customer at the time the package is received.

Can I return my ring?

Yes, you’ll have 30 days from delivery to return the ring, as long as it is in a perfect, unused state, with all protective materials in place. We will not accept a return if the ring shows signs of wear, or has been used or altered from its original condition in any way. To initiate a return, you must contact Customer Service. All returns must include original packaging and paperwork or we’ll charge you a $75 fee.

*Forever Companies is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Can I exchange my ring?

Yes, we offer a 30-day exchange policy. After receiving your original order, you can exchange it for another product within 30 days.

What is your Price Match Guarantee?

Our Price Match Guarantee assures you get the best value for your diamond. If you happen to find a loose, lab grown diamond at a lower price than ours, contact Customer Service and we’ll work with you to match the price.

Some restrictions apply, learn more here.

How will I receive my order?

All U.S. orders over $100 USD ship free with signature required. Please note, delivery is Monday-Saturday. Contact Customer Service for expedited shipping options. Members of the military at an APO or FPO enjoy free shipping, always. International orders will be presented with shipping options during checkout.

All packages are sent signature required. If you know you will not be home to sign, we recommend having the package sent to a friend’s house, your work or a participating carrier center.

Do you offer trade-ups?

At any time, you may upgrade your ring for a new piece that is at least twice the original purchase price. Contact Customer Service for more information.

*Upgrades must be full price; sales prices, semi-custom, custom, clearance, loose stones and cross-brand upgrades to lab diamonds are excluded. Limit one trade-up per piece of jewelry. A maximum of five items may be bundled and used toward an upgrade. Trade-in items must be in good condition with minimal wear and tear. Upgrades are excluded from the return policy but may be exchanged; please see our exchange policy for details.

The Forever Companies Initiative

What does it mean to be a Forever Company?

Forever Companies consists of three different companies: Diamond Nexus, Forever Artisans and 12FIFTEEN. All three companies offer only the best man made products because we don’t want anyone to buy a mined stone. Not a diamond. Not a ruby, emerald or sapphire. There are manmade stones that match or exceed every quality of their mined counterparts. We have partnered with our sister companies to ensure there are options for everyone to find the right jewelry with the right manmade stone. For us, it’s a matter of conscience.

Can I purchase from more than one Forever Company?

Our three companies are connected. That means when you join the Forever Family, you get benefits. You’ll get benefits like VIP sales, first looks and quantity discounts. For information on specifics of our trade-up policies, give us a call.

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