Making perfect easy.

Forever Artisans™

Easy peasy perfect: Meet Forever Artisans.

Here at 12FIFTEEN we’re here to make buying an engagement ring as easy as possible. We’ve curated a selection of distinct rings that we like. If you want something different, do NOT get a mined diamond just because we didn’t have the exact ring you had in your head. OMG JUST DON’T!

Do it custom.

Forever Artisans is our in-house design studio. What they do is work from a picture of a ring you like – but maybe don’t love – and turn it into something unique to you. You tell them what modifications you have in mind. They make CAD drawings until they've got it perfect, you approve, and then it's hand crafted. BOOM. The world's most perfect ring, because it's exactly what you want.

Keep in mind, however, that our ninjas prefer man made stones. That includes lab grown rubies, emeralds and sapphires that are 100% chemically equivalent to their mined counterparts. We're OK with working with grandma's old diamond or something sentimental, like maybe the studs you got when you graduated from high school. But other than your own personal stash of mined diamonds, we just do man made.

So, bottom line: You've arrived. Destination 12FIFTEEN. Reality can be fabulous!

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