What Jewelry Should A Scorpio Have?

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  • Accessorize with Astral Assistance
  • How to Interpret Your Birth Chart to Find a Jeweled Match Made in Heaven
  • Jewelry for a Scorpio Sun
  • Our Pick: A Constellation Necklace


While the perfect piece of Scorpio zodiac jewelry may not be able to rewrite the stars, it can certainly exert a positive influence on the way you feel inside—and isn’t that what astrology is all about?

Whether you’re fine jewelry shopping for a Scorpio you adore or looking to accentuate your own astrological alignment with the perfect pair of earrings, it’s important to understand the finer points of Scorpian energy while making your decision: The perfect piece of Scorpio zodiac jewelry is piercing, all-consuming, and entirely enchanting to anyone that meets its gaze.

Discover the different birth chart placements of Scorpio and see them matched with gorgeous fine jewelry that complements each unique placement—we’re heading out on a diamond-studded tour of the stars.

Accessorize with Astral Assistance

Here’s the thing about astrology—there’s a lot more to it than fluffy daily horoscopes and the general month you were born. Astrology is the ancient study of patterns, both the patterns we see in the night sky and how we absorb and reflect them in our lives here on earth. 

Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the very moment of your birth. The positioning of individual stars, constellations, and other planetary bodies can reveal patterns in your life and personality. And if you know the city you were born in, your birth date, and your birth time (down to the exact minute), you can calculate your birth chart online to see what makes you truly shine. 

How to Interpret Your Birth Chart to Find a Jeweled Match Made in Heaven

Once you have your (or your loved one’s) birth chart, you might find yourself a bit flummoxed by a confusing web of lines and symbols. Thorough astrology involves intense study, knowledge of myths and archetypes, and more than a bit of geometry.

Reading a complete birth chart is a complex task, and in order to understand every aspect, placement, and house, you’ll need to get in touch with an astrologer (or do a lot of reading and figuring). 

However, you can gain a much deeper understanding of the themes in your life with just four basic pieces of information from your chart:

  • The first of the “big three” placements, your sun sign determines the center of your personal universe. It shows you the shape of your ego and your core life-long motivations. Your sun sign may represent qualities that you are learning and aspiring to, rather than qualities you inherently possess.
  • Another of the “big three,” your moon sign describes your inner self. It governs the shadow side, the secret emotional world that each of us carries within. Many people feel a deeper, instinctual and quality connection to their moon sign than they do to their sun sign.
  • The final “big three” sign, your rising sign gives your insight into the way your energy is interpreted by other people. Presiding over the 1st House, your rising sign sits at the very beginning of your birth chart. It describes your social face and the impression you leave on the outside world. 
  • Presided over by the goddess of love Aphrodite, your Venus sign determines the pattern of your love life. Not just romantic love either—Venus rules over all forms of intimacy, so your Venus sign will help you understand each of your relationships with others and even with yourself.

Jewelry for a Scorpio Sun

Scorpio suns are well acquainted with assertive transformational energies. Ruled by Pluto, people born under the Scorpion are frequently faced with the deep mysteries of life and challenged to embrace and overcome them.

Lab diamond jewelry for a Scorpio sun should be meaningful, symbolic, and subtle, paying homage to the underworld domain of Pluto (also known as Hades). Ideally, Scorpio-centered jewelry will feature some reference to the Scorpion itself, and its chief star, Antares, also known as the heart of the Scorpion, like those from our Zodiak pendant collection.

Our Pick: A Constellation Necklace

A finely-crafted Constellation Pendant Necklace from 12FIFTEEN Diamonds is the perfect piece for a Scorpio sun to keep close to their heart. 

With exquisite lab-grown diamonds to represent each star in the constellation of “the creature with the burning sting” set into an etched ornamental pendant, this Scorpio necklace is the perfect balance of myth and magic. A Scorpio sun might even consider it a symbolic map to life, a totem to guide them through the mysteries ahead.

Buy just one Scorpio zodiac pendant for your Scorpio, or pick up all three signs in their “big three” on different lengths of chain for a perfectly balanced stacked fashion necklace trio.

Jewelry for a Scorpio Moon

Scorpio opposes Taurus in the Zodiac. The emotional moon finds an exalted position in earth-bound Taurus, but it loses itself entirely in the deep, watery depths of Scorpio. 

A moon in Scorpio is a powerful placement, but it can be challenging too. Scorpio moons have complex and sometimes maddening inner emotional lives. They are deeply intuitive and investigative by nature and can put their potent well of emotional power to good use as therapists, counselors, journalists, and all-around inquisitors of the human spirit.

Our Pick: Two Matched Moons for Earrings

Silver Crescent Stud Earrings

Focus that inner maelstrom of mental and emotional energy through two mirrored crescent moons. These delicate Silver Crescent Stud Earrings will radiate elegance and mystery from the ears of any well-aligned Scorpio moon: 

  • Their sharp points and glittering lab-grown diamonds represent intensity and strength. 
  • Their crescent shape turns you into a living symbol of the Triple Goddess, with your inner Scorpio moon as the full moon at the center. 
  • Set in silver, these earrings are as cool as the surface of Pluto, reminding you to keep your head even in the most turbulent emotional surroundings. 
  • Since the diamonds are lab-grown, these studs are just as ethical as they are esoteric.

Jewelry for a Scorpio Rising

Scorpio is a fixed sign. Water is the element of emotion. So what is the fixed form of water? You guessed it—ice. 

Scorpio risings emanate an air of icy mystery. They can come off as cold, but their obvious emotional depth and intuitive social nature can make others yearn to melt the ice and take a swim in the deep waters that lie beneath.

Pay tribute to the iconic alluring iciness of a rising sign in Scorpio with some blinged out ice of a different kind. 

Our Pick: A Necklace Strung With Stars

Nothing says “ice, ice, baby” like a Tennis Necklace studded with almost two hundred lustrous lab-grown diamonds. 

Available with a setting of 14-karat white gold or 14-karat rose gold, this necklace will catch eyes with its striking allure. Scorpio risings are used to being a much-speculated-about center of attention, so they’ll be sure to wear this iced-out piece with natural charm and ease.

Jewelry for a Scorpio Venus

Like the Moon, Venus is a complicated and challenging placement for Scorpio. While the depth of feeling available to a Scorpio Venus can create fierce dedication and lasting bonds of love, their intensity and secretive nature can easily arise within the flames of their love.

If you’re romancing a Scorpio Venus and looking for the perfect bejeweled gift to impress them, you might want to consider just proposing already. 

Seriously. We’re not here to dole out relationship advice, but one thing is true about Venusian Scorpios—they’re into commitment of the “‘til death do us part” variety. At a certain point, nothing else is going to make the cut.

Our Pick: Design an Engagement Ring That’s Truly Divine

For those of us with our heads in the stars, a one-of-a-kind engagement ring is a must-have. After all, astrologically, we’re each as unique as a snowflake. 

Whether you use their birth chart as a reference or not, picking an engagement ring around your loved one’s personal energy is a deeply romantic sentiment. Build a custom ring with 12FIFTEEN Diamonds to incorporate all sorts of captivating features, such as:

  • Match the engagement ring to your loved one’s favorite everyday jewelry with a choice of platinum, 14k rose gold, 18k white gold, and 18k yellow gold for the setting and band. 
  • Try a solitaire stone in a setting with hidden band-bound details to reference the clandestine emotional bounty inside every Scorpio. 
  • A heart-shaped central stone sends a message intuitive Scorpios could never misinterpret—that they have you wrapped around their finger.

12FIFTEEN Diamonds, Your Ethical Source for Starry Stones

From the secret depths of the scorpion to the blazing, brazen sunshine of the lion, astrological constellations can give us insight into our deepest selves. When you embrace that insight, you can choose a piece of jewelry that accentuates each of your defining features. 

At 12FIFTEEN, we make gorgeous, ethical jewelry, built to be an eternal symbol of devotion and love (for a significant other, a family member, a friend, or for yourself). Purchase a lasting token to remind your Scorpio of the stars, and give them something they can hold close during those emotional journeys within. 

Browse our selection of beautifully crafted jewelry,  classic engagement ring styles, or keep exploring our blog to learn more about our lab jewels that reflect the best of the skies and earth. 


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