3 Types of Jewelry Every Taurus Should Wear

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If the stars have deemed you a Taurus, you have the amazing ability to find beauty wherever you go. Born between April 20th and May 20th, Tauruses easily bring dependable stability to their environments. They rely upon their inner compass to lead them forward on their path to discovering harmony. 

Follow your inner compass and treat yourself to a classic Taurus indulgence: gorgeous fashion jewelry. 

Tauruses consider themselves people of substance. Therefore, they often pride themselves on discovering quality material goods that provide them with internal comfort. Invest in fashion jewelry that speaks to your true Taurus sensibilities. Take the bull by the horns with this guide to Taurus zodiac jewelry. 


Tauruses find value in custom jewelry that lets their inner light shine rather than hide their true nature behind overly dazzling gems. 

While Tauruses don’t necessarily hide their feelings, they tend to express their love more effectively externally (through clothing or physical touch) rather than using words. 

Say everything you need to say with a beautiful zodiac necklace. With so many options, you can ensure you bring out the Bull in the best way. 

  • Chains – For a Taurus, a dress code doesn’t apply. Choose a sleek Box Chain fashion necklace for a chic, simple accessory that goes well with any outfit, from hitting the pavements to hitting the couch for a cozy night at home. 
  • Circle – Show your Taurus appreciation for natural cycles by displaying the world on a string. Just as the earth spins round and round, a circle zodiac necklace can express your love for the circle of life. You can even take inspiration from your star symbol with this Silver Twisted Circle Necklace with the semblance of bull horns. 
  • Honeycomb – Taureses embody the season of spring, not just because of their springtime birthdays. Tauruses can get lost in the beautiful revival of nature. Become one with nature with a Silver Honeycomb Necklace. Celebrate the blooming trees and honeybees with a gorgeous and memorable pendant necklace. 

If Taurus zodiac jewelry peaks your fancy, stay tuned for our new Zodiac collection. Show off your sign with a gorgeous pendant necklace with stars made from lab-grown diamonds. 


The addition of eye-catching earrings can stimulate intrigue among a crowd. While Tauruses tend to attract others with their quiet refinement and earthly grace, a little sparkle doesn’t hurt. 

Tauruses should seek out earrings that reflect their qualities; practical, trustworthy, and admirable. This thoughtful accessory addition can set the stage for any interaction you may have ahead of you. 

Consider one of these stunning sets of earrings to amplify your overall look. 

  • Petal stud earrings – Celebrate eternal spring with some detailed floral flair. Try out these Petal Stud Earrings and let your Taurus tendencies come into full bloom. 
  • Hoops – Give your well-rounded personality some extra stability with these Bold Hoop Earrings. Add some substance to a classic Taurus jewelry earring that will leave a memorable impression.
  • Cluster earring climbers – Consider a pair of Cluster Earring Climbers to achieve a creeping-ivy type look that may have you feeling like a forest fairy. 


Tauruses are ruled by the planet Venus. Dubbed the planet of love and beauty, Venus leads Tauruses through their hardships through stubborn love. That’s why a diamond ring belongs in every Taurus’s fine jewelry box.

Like a Taurus, diamonds persist through time, projecting timeless love in every facet. 

Pick out the rarest diamond fit for the most dependable sign out there. 

Helm Emerald Cut Engagement Ring in Two-Toned 18K White and Yellow Gold
  • Emerald cut  – A Taurus deserves a diamond cut as refined as them. An emerald cut provides an elegant, elongated finish to your ring. 
  • Round cut – Choose a polished, clean-cut diamond for a sophisticated and classic look. 
  • Cushion cut – Taureses crave comfort. Therefore, a cushion-cut can act as a plush pillow and provide serenity and peace of mind. Rest easy knowing you have a diamond to last you many years and memorable moments. 

Preserve the earth’s natural resources by choosing a lab-grown diamond free from unethical mining practices. These diamonds can help you show your Zodiac sign with pride.

Shine On with 12FIFTEEN 

Some call Tauruses the cornucopias of the earth. They breathe in the bountiful gifts around them and cultivate growth in every person they meet. 

Like Tauruses, we at 12FIFTEEN value the substance of the earth. Our lab-grown diamonds are resourceful, practical, and honor the natural world we all share. You may be wondering, are lab grown diamonds real? The simple answer is yes! You’ll be able to cherish the same look, feel, and sparkle of natural diamonds for a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to our new Zodiac collection, you can share the sparkle with any star sign. Explore our twelve Zodiac pendants and let the stars light your way to your ideal diamond today with 12FIFTEEN. 


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