What Is Petite Pavé? Top Pros and Cons

Looking for a style that’s dazzling yet refined and showcases an abundance of lab diamonds? Petite pavé might be the jewelry style for you. Unlike traditional pave varieties, petite pavé is a unique take on the popular style. 

Vita Princess Cut Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

Whether you’re searching for the perfect pave lab diamond engagement ring, or are looking for an everyday pave jewelry piece, we can help you decide if petite pavé is right for you. 

From what it is to the pros and cons and how to style it, we’ve put together everything you need to know about petite pavé fine jewelry to determine if it’s the right look for you. 

What Is Petite Pavé?

Petite pavé jewelry is similar to traditional pavé settings.However, instead of the usual large prongs used for a classic pavé stone setting, a petite pavé setting uses smaller prongs on the shank of the ring. This allows the pavé diamonds to be more striking.

Petite pavé jewelry ses the tiny prongs on the shank of the ring to keep each micro pavé set diamond in position. However this design is different from the traditional pavé fine jewelry and the U cut pavé. The more prominent the diamonds are, the more sparkle your jewelry will feature.

Petite pavé is loved because of its unique brilliance but also because it amplifies any piece of jewelry. When designed on engagement rings, the petite pavé diamond accents add glamour and accentuate the center stone. This is true for fine jewelry pieces that also feature a center stone paired with tiny accent stones. 

Whatever piece of fine jewelry you’re looking for, petite pavé is a great way to add additional sparkle to the entire look. 

Why Choose Petite Pavé?

Pavé styles are popular among jewelry wearers due to the abundance of brilliance and sparkle. This is especially true when it comes to petite pavé, as it features even more allure. Because of this, we think petite pavé jewelry is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a statement fine jewelry piece or engagement that shows their personal flair. 

A pavé ring setting is ideal for those with an elegant yet glam style. The elaborate sparkle of petite pavé diamonds add depth and create a timeless look, no matter the design. Choosing a petite pavé setting ensures your fine jewelry features extra originality and pairs well with just about any center stone. 

No matter the style you’re looking for, adding petite pavé detailing can elevate the look of your fine jewelry or engagement ring.

Pros and Cons of Petite Pavé

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Pros of Petite Pavé: 

  • Adds extra brilliance and allure to any jewelry piece
  • Shows more of the diamonds than traditional pavé styles
  • Looks great with casual or dressed-up looks
  • Should last a lifetime with proper care

Cons of Petite Pavé: 

  • Higher risk of stones falling out due to the small prongs
  • Could overpower the sparkle of a jewelry piece
  • Is slightly more expensive than a solitaire or traditional accented design
  • Could have limited style options compared to traditional pavé

Pavé vs. Petite Pavé

It may be easy to confuse these two, but pavé and micro pavé are two different types of stone settings. Pavé is the term used to refer to a stone of any size that is set onto the ring. On the other hand, micro pavé are several stones of the same size which are far smaller in carat weight.

Pavé vs. Petite Pavé vs. Micro Pavé

With all the different types of pave settings, how do you choose the right one that fits you? It’s easy to confuse pavé, petite pavé and micro pavé. So, let’s dig into the differences between these three styles. 

  • Pavé: The term pavé refers to any size stone that is set in the band whereas micro pavé refers to several stones that are all the same size and are typically far smaller in carat weight than gemstones used in a pavé fine jewelry.
  • Micro pavé: Made using diamonds that are smaller than .01 of a carat, micro pavé settings help creates the illusion that the whole ring is made of diamonds. This setting style usually feature several rows of gemstones that cover the entire band. 

Usually, the micro pavé setting can hold up to 50 gemstones or more.  Because of this, rings with a micro pavé setting are usually more costly than other engagement ring styles.

  • Petite pavé: Crafted with tiny prongs which keep each micro pavé diamond in place. This is different from the traditional pavé style as the smaller prongs allow the diamonds to appear more visible. This adds additional sparkle to the accent stones.

So, which is better? The choice between the three pavé varieties is completely up to you. No matter which type you choose, it will add additional brilliance to the design. If your jewelry style features larger diamonds, then the regular pavé style might look best. However, if you want a design that gives the illusion of a seamless row of diamonds, then opt for a micro-pavé style. Petite pavé is best for those who want a little glint of metal showing, whether this is sterling silver, gold, or white gold.

Where to Buy Petite Pavé Jewelry

Buying the right jewelry, whether it’s a traditional pavé or petite pavé, can be challenging without the right jeweler. But when it comes to jewelers, there are good, better, and best. The best place to buy petite pavé diamonds is online. This is because online jewelers are able to cut out the middle man and brick-and-mortar expenses, drastically reducing prices. Additionally, online jewelers usually offer more jewelry options to choose from than mall jewelers. 

When searching for the right petite pavé jeweler, consider their quality standards, price point, and how large their inventory is. For example, at 12FIFTEEN we’re committed to providing the highest quality product and highest quality service experience. That’s why your purchase is protected to ensure your absolute satisfaction. 

What to Consider Before Buying Petite Pavé

If you’ve decided that petite pavé is right for you, there are just a few things left to consider. Buying the right diamonds requires a bit of research into the quality factors. When shopping for petite pavé jewelry, be sure to consider:

  • Shape: Choose the diamond shape that best represents your personality and personal style. The most popular petite pavé diamond shape is round brilliant.
  • Cut: Of all characteristics, diamond cut is one of the most important. Choose an Excellent or Ideal cut diamond for the most brilliance and light dispersion. 
  • Clarity: Choose a diamond that’s eye-clean. While it doesn’t need to be completely flawless, it’s a good idea to select one that’s Very Slightly included or better. 
  • Color: Focus on choosing a diamond that appears colorless. A diamond in the G to I Color range will appear colorless but cost far less than a diamond in the D to F range.

Once you’ve decided on the right quality grade to fit your budget, you’re ready to find the perfect petite pavé jewelry for your unique style. 

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