When to Take Off Your Engagement Ring: The Definitive Guide

Table of Contents

  • Remove your ring when you are doing any sort of water activity.
  • Remove your ring when you are applying lotions or soaps.
  • Remove your ring if things are about to get dirty.
  • Remove your ring when you are working out.


Congratulations on your recent engagement! You’ve likely been busy celebrating with your favorite person and enjoying all the “Oooohs” and “Ahhhhs” your gorgeous lab grown diamond has been generating.But now that you’re finally sitting alone with your engagement ring, are you googling ways to take care of it? It is your most prized possession. It is the ultimate symbol of love and represents the union you will be sharing for the rest of your time on this earth, and yet, it didn’t come with a user manual?!

Don’t worry. We can help.

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide on when to take off your engagement ring. Stick to the rules, take care of your ring and your new lab grown diamond ring will be the brightest in the room for years to come.

Lab diamond engagement ring

Remove your ring when you are doing any sort of water activity.

Did you know that when you are swimming, boating, rafting, etc. your body’s temperature decreases? It’s because you are surrounded by cool water. To keep your core nice and toasty, the blood flow will change and your outer extremities (like your hands) will shrink in size. This could cause jewelry, like your precious engagement ring, to fall off.

To make matters worse, if it falls off in the ocean or in a pool, it will be near impossible to find again. So to play it safe, do not wear your engagement ring in the pool.

Remove your ring when you are applying lotions or soaps.

That sound you hear? It’s your ring clinking its way down your drains and taking your hopes and dreams along with it.

Lotions and soap lather could make your hands slick to the point where your ring may literally slip from your fingers. Exfoliants and scrubs could damage the surface of your ring band and product build-up can dull your diamond. Keep a ring dish near your kitchen and bathroom sink so you can get into the habit of taking your ring off and easily finding it right away.

If this is a new habit you are trying to create, please be extra careful not to forget it when you are washing your hands in public places (restaurants, airports, work and so on). You may decide that you ultimately do not want to take your ring off every time you wash your hands—and that’s okay, too! Be smart and know when it is the right time to take the ring off or when to simply be attentive when you are washing it.

Specifically, do your best to keep your ring away from lotions, cosmetics and hair products. These products will leave a residue or film on your engagement ring which will quickly reduce the ring’s brilliance and clarity.

Accented engagement ring

Remove your ring if things are about to get dirty.

If you are working in the garden or sitting at the beach, remember that dirt and sand can get lodged in your stone. It gets stuck in the tiniest of crevices and could even loosen your settings.

Beaches and gardens are more great examples of places where losing your ring means it may be gone forever. Play it safe and leave your new engagement ring behind when you are exploring the great outdoors.

Remove your ring when you are working out.

There are a few reasons you’ll want to take your ring off when you are working out. First of all, contrary to what you might have heard, real jewelry is not invincible. Weight lifting and applying pressure to the engagement ring (or, someday soon, the wedding band) could cause the metal to warp and bend. That will change the size and fit of your ring, and, in the case of micro pave bands, could even cause a diamond to pop out. Yikes!

Secondly, wearing rocks on your finger could cause injury to yourself and to those around you. If you are playing sports or hitting the gym, there is a very real chance that your ring could get snagged on clothing, get caught on heavy equipment or stationary fixtures and even scratch another person.

We understand that you might like to keep your ring on at the gym—it does a great job deterring unwanted attention. If that’s the case, we suggest picking up an inexpensive silicone ring to wear in your engagement ring’s place while you work out.

Double halo engagement ring

Remove your ring when you are gently cleaning it.

For lasting shine, your new engagement ring will require a bit of maintenance. If it isn’t shining at its very best, then you are defeating the purpose of wearing a diamond in the first place. Therefore, every few weeks, take a moment to gently clean your beautiful ring. Inspect the prongs and settings for asymmetry and rattling sounds or work with a professional jeweler via 12FIFTEEN Spa Days. To clean the ring, drop it into a bowl or mug mixed with warm water and gentle dishwashing soap. Let it soak for a few minutes then pat it dry or, if needed, gently brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

By the way, we are recommending that you soak it in a dish for a reason—let’s keep your ring as far as possible from open drains, shall we?

Remove your ring when cleaning around the house.

We recommend that you take off your beautiful engagement ring when you clean your home because the ring can be easily damaged by everyday cleaners, solvents and detergents. Household cleaners may contain chemicals like chlorine, bleach and bromine which wreak havoc on precious metals and gemstones. The more metals are mixed in the alloy, like white gold versus yellow gold, are more susceptible to contamination, too. Areas of your ring where metal was bent and formed can also invite corrosion—so prongs and settings are vulnerable. Of course, not all cleaners will dramatically destroy your ring like, say, bleach would, but even gentle cleaners could invite discoloration, tarnish and film.

If you’re not wearing cleaning gloves, then take the ring off!

Accented engagement ring

Remove your ring on the big day, if you’d like to. Or don’t.

Traditionally, your wedding band will be the star of the show on your actual wedding day so it is entirely acceptable to leave your engagement ring in a safe space (at home or in the care of a trusted friend who can return the ring to you after the ceremony). However, many brides prefer to wear their engagement ring at the same time. You can opt to wear the engagement ring on the right hand and move it to the left hand after the ceremony (please practice this first, though, so there aren’t any ring-size surprises on your big day).

You can also arrange for your husband to place both rings on your ring finger during the ceremony—either without note or by making a ceremonial point that the wedding ring symbolizes commitment and the engagement ring symbolizes the promise. You can keep your engagement ring on your left hand, place the engagement ring on top during the ceremony, then switch the stacking order before photos (or not, it’s up to you). You can solder your rings together a few weeks before the wedding, too, so they are a package deal on your big day.

There is no right or wrong way to handle your engagement ring on the day of your wedding so do what makes the most sense to you.

Halo engagement ring

A word on ring insurance.

Rest easier knowing that your ring is both guaranteed and insured. All 12FIFTEEN rings are covered for 12 months under our Manufacturing Defect Warranty. We absolutely recommend that you insure your best pieces of jewelry as well. This ring will carry significant sentimental value and few of us can afford to repair or replace it on our own if the ring is lost, stolen or damaged. It’s smart to protect this investment by doing your research on home or renters insurance with jewelry add-ons or go direct to jewelry-only insurance. Remember, your 12FIFTEEN advisor is happy to point you in the right direction for insurers as well.

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