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The Diamonds

What is a True Grown Diamond™?

Our diamonds are trade named True Grown Diamonds, and they’re grown in a laboratory like flowers in a greenhouse. The diamond that comes out of the lab is exactly the same as a rough diamond that is mined. After that, the diamond is cut and polished just as any other diamond would be. It’s the same.

So, is it a diamond?

Yes. True Grown Diamonds are made of pure carbon, just like diamonds pulled out the ground. They’re identical chemically. No different.

Why is it better than a diamond from the store at the mall?

Well, back in the day, the diamond industry came together to create something called The Kimberly Process to ensure diamonds weren’t made under unethical conditions (like slavery or strip mining). This Kimberly Process is JUST A PIECE OF PAPER. It’s basically a failure, because hey, forgery exists and a lot of the really nasty people (also known as terrorists!) control the mines. These are the diamonds at most jewelers. With True Grown Diamonds you know exactly what you’re getting and where it came from. It’s all good.

The Rings

Why do you only have one diamond available per style at a given time?

When a diamond becomes available (because they’re grown), we look at it and, because we’re artists, we know what kind of setting will accentuate its features best. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’re a custom, American-made jewelry company with real people who make rings by hand, one at a time. We don’t believe in mass production.

What if I want a different stone style than what’s available?

We can do that. Contact Customer Service and they’ll help you work with our sister company, Forever Artisans, to customize the look of your ring.

Can I have a different stone shape or size?

You can easily request a different stone shape or size by contacting customer service by phone or email. The rings we display are our recommendations based on style and balance, but if you want something else, each ring can accommodate multiple shapes and stone sizes.

What if the ring I want is sold out?

Click NOTIFY ME! and your name will be added to the waiting list. When another appropriate stone becomes available for the ring you want, we’ll notify you.

What if my ring doesn’t fit when I receive it?

We do one free resizing for each ring within the first year after your purchase. Just call Customer Service.

The Money

How much does a 12FIFTEEN engagement ring cost compared to a traditional jewelry store?

The cost of our rings is comparable to other jewelers. But let’s talk value: Quality varies from jeweler to jeweler; we know that our metal is pure, our construction is solid (not hollow), and our stones are ethically and ecologically free of bad karma. Oh, and we aren’t some foreign sweat shop. We live in Wisconsin.

What are my payment options?

We offer three ways to finance your purchase. Affirm Financing offers three-, six- and 12-month financing options with 10-30% APR. Answer a few questions and find out if you’re approved right away.

We offer Paypal Credit® with no interest for the first six months. Learn more.

We also offer a layaway plan. Make a down payment to secure your purchase, then make recurring payments over time. Layaway orders are not produced or shipped until paid in full. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

Do you have less expensive ring options?

No. But if when you’re shopping for a diamond ring, you find yourself compromising on color, clarity, or carat weight to accommodate your budget, consider our sister company – Diamond Nexus.

Diamond Nexus is home to the world’s first heirloom-quality diamond alternative, the patented Nexus Diamond™ Alternative. It is the best simulant out there, so you can get the look of a diamond without the high price tag. It lasts forever, cuts glass and is also lab grown, so it’s conflict free and eco-friendly. Forever Artisans, the design studio who makes our rings, makes all Diamond Nexus rings as well (meaning, high quality craftsmanship). If you have high standards and taste, but rather not spend the cash, Diamond Nexus is for you. Check them out at

The Fine Print

The Lifetime Guarantee

With normal use and proper care, your diamond ring should last a lifetime. For the lifetime of your ring, if there is a manufacturing defect with your setting, we will repair or replace your ring free of charge. Any damage caused by accidents or normal wear and tear can be repaired for a nominal fee. For lost stones, we can set a new diamond for just the cost of the stone.

Your setting is fully covered for one year, including two Ring Spa Days which includes polishing, rhodium dip, inspection and prong tightening.

Can I return my ring?

We’re not sure why you’d want to, but yes. You’ll have 90 days from delivery to return the ring free of charge on all preset rings. To initiate a return, you must contact Customer Service. Custom orders that request a special stone shape or carat weight will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. All returns must include original packaging or we’ll charge you a $25 fee.

Loose diamonds may be returned within 30 days and receive a refund minus a 10% restocking fee. Loose Featured Diamonds may be returned within 30 days and will not incur any restocking fee. Any loose stones returned without original packaging will incur a $25 charge.

How will I receive my order?

All orders in the U.S.A. are sent out via UPS 2nd Day Air, free of charge. You can upgrade to overnight shipping for $30. Members of the military at an APO or FPO will enjoy free shipping via USPS. International orders will be presented with shipping options during checkout.

The Forever Companies Initiative

We don’t want anyone to buy a mined stone. Not a diamond. Not a ruby, emerald or sapphire. There are manmade stones that match or exceed every quality of their mined counterparts. We have partnered with our sister companies, Diamond Nexus and Forever Artisans, to ensure there are options for everyone to find the right jewelry with the right manmade stone. For us, it’s a matter of conscience.

Our Partnership Program

Our three companies are connected. What that means for you is when you join the Forever Family, you get benefits. For instance, if you have a Nexus Diamond™ Alternative from Diamond Nexus but someday decide that you want a pure carbon True Grown Diamond, you can upgrade and we’ll credit you the full price of the Nexus Diamond. Plus, you’ll get other benefits like VIP sales, first looks and quantity discounts. For more information on specifics of our trade-up policies, give us a call.

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