My Engagement Ring Is Too Small: Now What?

First things first—don’t panic.

We understand how that might not be the easiest thing to do at the moment—especially if all of this is happening at once and you’re totally overcome with excitement. And why wouldn’t you be excited, right? You’ve got a fantastic partner, and likely just had an epic proposal.

And now, you have an insanely beautiful ring that’s begging to slide onto your finger with ease—but instead, you’re staring down at an amazing engagement ring that’s just too small, that you can’t display, and that’s left you feeling just a little bit heartbroken. Even if you used a ring sizer to measure, your fingers can change in size and you could end up with a small ring.

Of course, it’s easy to freak out a little.

But, we’ve got good news. For as upsetting as it might be now, it’s a totally fixable solution. Even better, that first round of good news we just shared probably means that your spouse-to-be is probably off-the-hook and out of the doghouse for getting your ring size wrong (we joke, of course).

Whether you’re looking to resize your wedding band, wedding ring, diamond ring, or whatever ring it may be, don’t fret.  Check out our helpful guide that dives into the basics of ring resizing, how to tell if your ring is too small and useful next steps for taking care of a tight engagement ring.

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What Exactly Do I Do If My Ring Is Too Small?

If you’re sure that your ring is too small (we’ll get into common signs later in this article), then you’re going to need to get your ring resized.

While that might sound scary, we can assure you, it’s a very common, everyday practice, and there are thousands upon thousands of jewelers who can happily tackle the task for you.

A quick note—we definitely recommend taking your ring to jewelry professionals and/or experts to be resized. While there are other maintenance tasks you can likely take care of on your own when it comes to engagement rings, ring sizing and resizing is another ball game. Though it’s a common job for jewelers, it’s also a bit of a complicated one that requires training, practice, and experience.

Let’s Talk Resizing: Facts, Fiction, and Everything in Between

Resizing, in theory, seems pretty simple, right? Just based on its name you can guess what the process means—they’re stretching your ring to ensure the perfect fit.

There are a few tried and true methods for resizing a small wedding ring. One strategy involves a professional jeweler cutting the ring’s shank and adding a bridge to increase the size of the band—during this process, the jeweler will pull apart the two sides of the ring then solder additional metal.

Another strategy for resizing a ring that’s too small is to stretch the shank by pulling it apart and elongating it. This strategy is complex and, without a professional jeweler behind the helm, you run the risk of damaging your engagement ring or ruining the shape. Of course, an experienced jeweler can manage this without an issue and can certainly provide you with a properly sized ring.

What to Know About Resizing Rings

Even after reading that, getting your ring resized may sound like a simple process. Unfortunately, because ring resizing is an exceptionally tricky process, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about how it’s done, how it works, and whether or not it’s a viable fix for a ring that’s too tight.

Popular diamond shapes Keep on reading as we break down some ring resizing facts and myths.

Does Resizing a Ring Weaken It?
If you’re looking to make your ring smaller, or bigger,  you might be wondering if resizing a ring can weaken or damage it. Technically, this is true to an extent. But, it’s not as substantial as many people might think. Of course, when you stretch or cut a ring, the slightest mistake can cause damage, like ruining the shape or metal of the ring. That being said, if your jeweler has resized your ring properly, the risk of actually breaking your ring is incredibly minimal. There may be some concerns around higher karat of a rose gold, silver, or yellow gold ring, but your jeweler will be able to tell if engagement ring resizing is the right move for your specific ring.

How Many Times Can You Resize a Ring?
A ring can be resized as many as 2-4 times and can be resized up to 2-5 sizes, based on the delicacy and structure of the ring itself. Of course, every time you resize a ring, you do weaken it ever so slightly, so we recommend being cautious with how often (and how much bigger), you’re planning to resize it.

How Easy Is It to Resize a Ring?
If you’re working with an experienced jeweler, then he or she is likely resizing rings daily, so stretching or cutting your too-small engagement ring will be a breeze. Further, while every jeweler shop will vary in price, there are plenty of places that offer this service for a minimal fee. There are even jewelry stores that include a free resizing within a few months of purchasing the ring. When you purchase your engagement ring from 12FIFTEEN Diamonds, your ring comes with a Manufacturer Defect Guarantee. This means for the lifetime of your ring (if there is a manufacturing defect), we will repair or replace your ring free of charge.

How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring?
It all depends on the jewelry professionals you choose to work with. Resizing shouldn’t take more than one-to-two weeks, but some shops can be very booked out. Regardless, the actual process of resizing doesn’t take all that long—it simply depends on how busy your jeweler is.

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How Can I Really Tell If My Ring is Too Small?

For some, a too-small ring is pretty obvious—it simply won’t fit on your finger. But for others, an ill-fitting, size-too-small ring might not be so blatant.

Even further, because your hands and fingers often fluctuate in size, a once well-fitting engagement ring might end up being too small or too tight one day, which, if left unchecked, could potentially cause some serious health and circulation concerns.

That’s why it’s super important to be able to pin down the signs of a ring that’s too tiny. Here are a few quick checks to run through with your engagement ring to make sure it’s properly fitted. If you’re experiencing any of these ring fit symptoms, you’re likely in need of a ring resize.

The Ring Won’t Come Off
This is the first sign that something is probably wrong with your ring size. If your ring flat-out just isn’t budging off your finger, you’re more than likely dealing with a ring that doesn’t fit.

Ring Muffin Top
If you see a little pudge of skin folding over the top of your ring (a phenomenon we so lovingly refer to as ring muffin top), your ring is probably too snug.

You Can’t Turn Your Ring
You should be able to comfortably rotate your ring around your finger both clockwise and counterclockwise. If this simply isn’t happening for you, you’re likely dealing with a ring that’s too small.

Pale Fingers
If you look down one day and notice that your ring finger is a slightly different color than your other fingers, we suggest you remove your engagement ring as quickly as possible and take it in to get resized.

Serious Ring Pain
If your ring finger flat out hurts, there’s likely something wrong with the fit of your ring. Our rule of thumb (no pun intended) is that if your ring finger is catching your attention because of how it physically feels, something is probably off.

No, we’re not talking about those love-sick tingles and butterflies that your partner gives you, we’re talking about a tingling in your ring finger. This is another sure sign that your engagement ring is probably too tight and you may need to get it resized.

Popular diamond shapes Now that you know how to determine if your ring is too small and what to do if it is, you can fix it properly. It’s important not to rush into a resizing unless you’re 100% sure your ring is too small. Since your finger size can fluctuate throughout the day due to the temperature and the amount of salt you eat, you should wait at least a few days to make a definitive decision. Once you know, contact your trusted jeweler to get it fitting just right.

With 12FIFTEEN Diamonds, you don’t have to worry about ring sizing, resizing, or jewelry repair. You can get peace of mind knowing your diamond ring, wedding band, engagement ring, etc is taken care of and built for you. Our customer care team is here to help along every step of the way, and we offer one free ring resizing within a year of purchase, so you can have confidence in your purchase.

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