What Are The Types of Halo Cut Engagement Rings?

Ready to pop the question? Congratulations! But now that you’ve made the big decision, you have to make about a million more smaller decisions regarding your proposal. Namely, when, where, and how? Not to mention, there’s the matter of deciding what kind of ring style to buy. One popular option is the halo cut. 

You can recognize a diamond halo engagement ring by the unique ring setting design: a center stone surrounded by several smaller stones, creating a diamond halo effect. It may sound pretty straightforward, but the range of diamond ring designs and detailing available can take time for the first-time ring buyer. Fortunately, that’s where this article comes in. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the different types of halo cut engagement rings so you can narrow down your ring style options. From the gemstone to the cut, you’re certain to discover a round cut engagement ring that says, “You’re the one.”

Gemstone Options

While most people opt for the always-in-style diamond as their choice of stone for ethical engagement rings, your choice of stone is ultimately up to you.

If you believe your partner might prefer a different precious gemstone, you can consider options such as:

  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Turquoise
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Ruby
  • Quartz
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Opal
  • Onyx
  • Peridot

There are plenty of accent stones to explore, each with gorgeous color and shape options. Be aware though, if you do opt for a non-traditional stone, your options for cuts may be more limited. 

Stone Cuts

After determining your stone, your next step in designing the perfect halo cut engagement ring is a bit more involved. You can choose between nearly a dozen different stone cut choices, all offering unique ways to display the stone’s most eye-catching qualities. 

Let’s explore them below.


Interested in a timeless look with a modern flair? The classic round diamond shape can be highlighted by the hidden halo of smaller accent stones which can cause the center stone to look even larger.

Key aspects of round-cut stones include:

  • Spectacular sparkle – A round-cut stone contains 58 facets and should catch the light from any angle. The result is a highly reflective and sparkling gemstone. In fact, round-cuts are notably the most shimmering and brilliant diamond option on the market. 
  • Versatility – Whether you’re interested in an understated or maximalist custom engagement ring band, a round-cut stone can fit easily into either. The versatility of round-cut stones is unmatched.


Looking for a stone fit for royalty? The princess cut engagement ring has been a staple design for engagement proposals since the 1980s, encouraging modern styles and bands that compliment this stunning stone cut.

When considering princess cut hidden halo engagement rings, note what sets the princess cut apart from other options:

  • Pyramid shape – From above, a princess-cut stone appears to have a squarish shape, though from the side, it’s clear that the stone forms a pyramid, coming to an elegant point.
  • Cost-effective – If you’re interested in pushing your budget toward a larger center diamond, a princess-cut may be the best way to do that. Because princess cut diamonds utilize more of the rough stone than other standard diamond cuts, less material is wasted, resulting in a lower price.


What’s a cushion cut halo engagement ring’s defining feature? Stones cut in this style are most notable for their square shape and rounded corners, creating a soft, pillowy look that has remained a staple of engagement rings for more than a hundred years.

Additionally, cushion-cut stones can be broken down into two distinct sub-categories: 

  • Antique – Also known as the “Old Mine” design, due to the stone’s rich history, the antique style features larger facets.
  • Brilliant – The more modern, “Brilliant” style features more facets than the antique predecessor and has the “crushed ice” look—a rich and luminous style that’s also known to catch the light and reflect rainbow-colored patterns.


The emerald cut was originally designed hundreds of years ago but came into the forefront of engagement ring design in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, emerald cut halo engagement rings are found on the fingers of happy couples across the world.

Curious about the most impressive aspects of emerald-cut stones? Consider the following:

  • Mirror quality – Where some lab grown diamond cuts are all about extra sparkle, emerald-cut stones are designed for a more understood mirror effect. The squared and symmetrical facets bring a look of balance to the stone.
  • Elongated look – The rectangular emerald-cut may provide an elongated look when worn, creating the illusion of a larger stone because of its mirrored effects and extended vertical length.


For a retro flourish that’s never gone out of style, you might find exactly what you’re looking for with the marquise cut. This antique style can still be modernized with a halo design of complementary gemstones and minimalist bands.

What are the key components of a marquise-cut engagement ring? Most notably:

  • Oblong shape – An elongated oval that comes to two points, the marquise cut is highly recognizable even from a distance. Additionally, the stone can run parallel or perpendicular with your finger, depending on your preference.
  • A view from the top – Marquise cut stones are designed to be looked down on. This cut is most stunning from a vantage point above, offering significantly less visible facets from the side.


A brilliant combination of the princess and emerald cut, an Asscher-cut stone cannot go unnoticed. This is partly because this design is fairly uncommon for modern engagement rings, despite being an out-and-out showstopper.

Consider what an asscher cut engagement ring cut has going for it:

  • X-shaped facets – From the outside in, Asscher-cut stones are step-cut in an x pattern most similar to the emerald cut, but significantly different because of the Asscher’s signature square shape.
  • Unmatched clarity – The step-facet style highlights clarity in a way unmatched by any other cut. With less emphasis on sparkle, you can really get in close and admire the clear, translucent nature of the stone.


Those shopping for engagement rings today are certain to come across the oval-cut. A massively popular style that has recently become highly sought after, the oval cut has risen in prestige over the past few years.

Why are so many couples opting for oval cut engagement rings today? It offers some truly unmatched qualities, including:

  • The new round – While no cut can match the brilliance of a round-cut diamond, the oval cut comes close. This fact, combined with the cut’s elongated profile, makes it a popular choice for those looking to explore beyond the most classic stone cut.
  • Bow tie formations – The reflective center of oval diamonds creates a bow tie-shaped pattern unique to this style.


This squarish-style cut may resemble an emerald or princess cut to the untrained eye but is altogether different upon observation. 

A radiant-cut stone is most identifiable by:

  • Beveled corners – The rectangular look of the radiant cut engagement rings is offset by rounded corners. Not only does this design choice give the stone a softer, more delicate look, but it also makes it less likely to chip or snag. 
  • Unexpected brilliance – Much like a classic round-cut diamond, a radiant cut diamond contains “brilliant” facets and is known for its light-catching sparkle.


For those looking to imbue their engagement ring with a little more romance, a heart-cut stone could be the perfect choice to make their partner swoon. 

Those interested in a heart-cut stone should take note of the following aspects:

  • Color – The eye-catching luminescence of the heart-cut makes it a great choice for a colored stone. The shape and reflective facets can bring out deep reds, cool blues, or even sparkling yellows.
  • Symmetry – While symmetry is a key component of any engagement ring, it’s particularly important for heart-cut stones. A misalignment of symmetry is more noticeable in a heart-cut engagement ring and can result in the stone looking less like a heart and more like a blob.


A gorgeous combination of both the oval and marquise cut, a pear-cut stone is currently one of the most popular choices for couples today. The pear cut is recognizable by its shape: a rounded bottom and pointed top resembling a teardrop, as well as the fruit it’s named after.

Those considering a pear shaped engagement ring in a halo setting are often dazzled by the following aspects of this cut:

  • Round-cut style facets – The pear cut glimmers much like the best round-cut diamonds due to its similar faceting structure. 
  • Bold statement – Unlike the round cut, a pear-cut diamond offers a more dynamic and bold statement. The pear cut is distinctive without being flashy and can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the stone’s placement.

Band Options

Choosing your band can be done before or after picking a stone, but the band should work to complement the color, cut, and placement of your stone. 

While the design options are endless, it’s most important to note the most popular materials and colors for halo cut engagement rings: 

  • Gold – The most popular choice for band material, gold is highly flexible in terms of styles and colors. Take your pick of white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as the karat level. Many couples enjoy 10-18K gold bands due to the durability and luminous quality offered.
  • Silver – A more cost-effective option for an engagement band, silver may pair nicely with your stone choice. Additionally, silver is highly reflective when polished and perfectly complements a glimmering set of stones.
  • Platinum – Heavy and durable, platinum engagement bands offer a little more comfort for anyone afraid of damaging their ring. While a platinum band may cost more than its gold counterpart, you can rest assured that it will hold solid through thick and thin—just like the best marriages.

Find The Perfect Stone With 12FIFTEEN 

After deciding on the perfect cut and band for your halo setting, you still need to find the perfect stone. Fortunately, 12FIFTEEN can help. 

At 12FIFTEEN, we’re reimagining the future of engagement rings and ethical wedding rings with lab-grown diamonds that are more sustainable, ethical, and affordable than mined diamonds. You should never have to compromise when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, and with 12FIFTEEN you never have to. Visit us online today.


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