How To Properly Wear A Ladies’ Wedding Band

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  • With An Engagement Ring
  • On The Wedding Day
  • Every Day
  • Wearing The Wedding Band Alone


Whether glinting off the moonlight during an outdoor, candlelit dinner or shining under the street lights during a casual evening stroll, a wedding band is a delightful reminder of your love and commitment to your partner. Of course, for any of that to happen, it’s helpful to have an idea of how ladies’ wedding bands are worn.

How you wear your custom jewelry design is ultimately a personal choice, but it can be helpful to explore wedding band tradition and practical advice to help decide what’s best for you when choosing your wedding band. 

This article will explore wearing wedding bands alone, with ethical engagement rings, and various non-traditional ways that might work perfectly for your lifestyle. To discover the best way to display your band, read on.

With An Engagement Ring

For many couples, the wedding band comes after the initial engagement ring. While plenty of people are opting for a less traditional exchange of rings these days, the custom engagement ring/wedding band combination is still a timeless choice. Whether you choose to go with an eternity wedding band or opt for a more simple white gold or yellow gold band, the options are endless.

Let’s take a look at how to wear a ladies’ wedding band on your wedding day, as well as every day that follows. 

On The Wedding Day

As you and your partner stare deep into each others’ eyes, you certainly don’t want to be worrying about getting the ring on correctly. What should be a simple exchange could become a little tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

To cover the basics of the exchange of rings, check out this simple advice:

  • Move the engagement band – Prior to the ceremony, you’ve likely been wearing your engagement ring on your left ring finger. It’s said that this finger is closest to the heart—a tradition dating back to Roman times. Before the ceremony, it’s suggested that you move your engagement ring to your right hand, leaving your left ring finger bare.
  • Place the wedding band – As long as your ring is correctly sized, it should slide easily onto your left ring finger. Pick a trusted ring-bearer to keep the wedding bands safe before the ceremony, and wait for the officiant’s cue to place the ring on your beloved’s finger. 
  • After the ceremony – Once you’ve said “I do,” you can slide your engagement ring off your right hand, and place it on top of your new wedding band. This process, known as stacking, is very common. Most often, the wedding band is worn below the more ornate engagement ring. Some ring sets are even designed to interlock and form one continuous piece.

Every Day

Your wedding day is the first day of your new life, and part of that new life is discovering the best way to wear your bands. While many women elect to wear their bands just the same as they did on their wedding day, this style isn’t suitable for everyone.

Consider these options when searching for the most convenient and comfortable way to wear your bands:

  • Swap top and bottom – You may prefer the look of your wedding band on top of your engagement band. While this is slightly less common than the other way around, you certainly won’t get into any trouble if you try it. The wedding band authorities aren’t giving out citations for improper wear, and you may find it more comfortable or eye-catching.
  • One band on each finger – Two rings on one finger may have you feeling a little uneven. You can bring balance to your jewelry equation by placing your engagement ring on your right hand and leaving your wedding band on your left. 
  • Special occasions – You may find the best way to wear both bands is only on special occasions. Your engagement ring may feel a little too formal for everyday wear. Consider keeping it somewhere safe and bringing it out when you’re in the mood or looking to turn heads.

Wearing The Wedding Band Alone

Can you wear your wedding band without your engagement ring? Of course. Many people decide to leave their engagement rings at home or opt-out of purchasing two bands altogether. 

Frequently, the first question for couples planning their wedding is how much do ladies’ wedding bands cost? It’s important to note that wedding bands are significantly less expensive than engagement bands—averaging between $250 and $1500—making them a more affordable option for those on a budget.

Even still, ladies’ wedding band designs can be ornate and impressive, featuring beveled diamonds or unique metalwork. 

On The Wedding Day

The exchange of rings during your wedding ceremony is made even simpler when there’s only one ring to consider.  Most people will place the ring on their beloved’s left ring finger and ride off into the sunset (or drive off to the reception). 

Two benefits to consider about ditching the engagement ring at the wedding include:

  • Creating a perfect match – You and your partner can feel totally equal by both sporting a solitary wedding band on your big day. While a wedding ring might not be the thing that defines equality in your relationship, it’s a fun way to match your partner. Of course, you can always go all out and make sure you both have engagement and wedding bands if you’re so inclined.
  • Having less to keep track of – A wedding can be a whirlwind of emotion and excitement, and having two rings to keep track of might feel like a lot. For those opting for simplicity, a solo wedding band might be just the thing to keep spirits up and tensions low.

Every Day

Whether you decide for or against engagement rings, the everyday wear of your wedding band is another story altogether. For those looking to wear their wedding band alone, your options are limited only to your imagination.

Here are some tried and true favorites:

  • Traditional finger – The left-hand ring finger strikes again. It goes without saying that most people prefer this for their wedding ring. Something about it just feels natural and comfortable for most people.
  • Alternate hand or finger – Of course, there’s nothing wrong with flipping the script on the tradition by wearing the diamond band on your right-hand ring finger, or any finger you choose. For many, this can be a way of avoiding unwanted attention or simply expressing their own personal style.

Most jewelry experts and wedding aficionados agree that the point of your wedding ring is to wear it. You’ve found the person of your dreams and, hopefully, a wedding band that captures exactly how you feel about them. How you display that to the world is totally up to you, but there’s certainly no reason to hide it.

Non-Traditional Wedding Band Options

Do you have an eye for the unconventional? Are you in a situation that makes wearing a custom design ring in the traditional manner difficult or even impossible? Don’t fret—there are plenty of ways to engage with this beautiful tradition without putting anything on your fingers.

Try a few of these non-traditional wedding ring options on for size:

  • Worn on a necklace – Placing your ring on a chain around your neck can be a great way to keep your love even closer to your heart. This method keeps your hands free, and your ring easily tucked away for safekeeping. If you choose this look, ensure you have a strong chain with a solid clasp.
  • Opt For A Silicon Ring – This may not sound like the most traditional choice for your forever band, but it is a comfortable and practical choice when you don’t feel like losing your wedding ring. If you do have a fear of losing your forever ring, then opting for a silicon ring may be the best choice. The comfort and ease of these rings make it great for everyday use whether you are working out or at the office. The best part is, when you want to be a little more dressy you can always dip into your jewelry box or safe and slip on your original wedding ring. 
  • On your keychain – It may not sound romantic, but attaching your diamond band to your keychain is a safe and effective way to keep it on your person. You won’t get far without your keys, and now the key to your house will be right next to the key to your heart. 
  • Ink your vows – Diamonds are forever, but tattoos are permanent. Couples looking for a unique way to complement (or replace) a typical wedding band is opting for matching band tattoos. While this option may not be for everybody, it can be a touching show of commitment, and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing it.

There are many occupations where it’s difficult to wear a ring every day. Whether you work in healthcare, physical fitness, or any field that requires hands-on work, it may be dangerous to keep your ring on your finger. Fortunately, these alternative options make it possible to honor your commitment while keeping your ring safe.

Anniversary Bands

Now that you have everything sorted between wedding bands and engagement bands, there’s one more variety of bands to consider when wearing your ethical wedding rings. Anniversary or Eternity bands are commonly given after a number of years of marriage. These bands are identifiable by their circle of small diamonds, signifying your never-ending love.

These beautiful additions to your custom design ring collection can be worn in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Stacked – If you opt to wear all three bands, many people choose to place the eternity band on top of the engagement ring with the wedding band at the bottom. This creates a stunning triple ring stack with the largest diamond in the center. You can consider shifting around the order of the rings depending on what looks and feels best.
  • Opposite hand – Because three rings may feel a little unwieldy, it’s common to place an anniversary band on your right hand, with your wedding and/or engagement ring on your left.

If you’re just looking into wedding band options, it may seem a bit early to start planning for an anniversary band, but it’s always worthwhile to keep the possibility in mind. Anniversaries can creep up on you, and it’s never too early to start celebrating your timeless love.

Your Wedding Band, Exactly How You Want It: 12FIFTEEN

After learning more about wedding band traditions and wearing options, you should feel empowered to flaunt your ring in the way that best represents you and your love. Ultimately, that’s what choosing a ring is all about—and that’s why, at 12FIFTEEN, we’re committed to helping couples find their dream wedding bands.

Our lab-grown diamonds are an ethical, more sustainable, and cost-effective option that can bring lustrous beauty to any band. Plus, our online shop, free shipping, and 30-day return policy ensure you find the right ring. Visit 12FIFTEEN today to explore our wedding band options so your wedding can truly sparkle.


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