Meaningful Necklaces for your Girlfriend

Table of Contents

  • The History of Necklaces
  • What Makes a Necklace Meaningful?
  • When to Gift a Necklace
  • Special Occasions


Whether you’re coming up on an important relationship milestone, are looking to celebrate a special event, or just want to do something sweet, meaningful
necklaces for your girlfriend
will make the perfect gift for any occasion. And while every gift that you give to your loved one is cherished, a necklace with a romantic meaning is something they’ll adore for years to come. If you are looking to get engaged, a necklace could pair perfectly with the custom engagement ring you build, if you choose to do so.

The History of Necklaces

Image of a woman wearing a pendant necklaceNecklaces have been worn since the dawn of civilization. According to the earliest recorded necklace is a piece crafted using fish bones. The item was discovered in a cave in Monaco and dates back nearly 25,000 years. It is believed that the first necklaces were worn as trophies of the kill with hunters wearing adornments of teeth, claws, horns, bones and feathers.

As culture continued to evolve so did jewelry and the meaning behind it. In early societies, amulets were worn to ward off bad luck and illness. Later still, jewelry became a symbol of connection and commitment. In early European times, gemstones acted as a way for high-ranking officials to flaunt their wealth and power. This left commoners to mirror the practice using less expensive stones to create colorful jewelry.

A yellow gold and a white gold necklace side by sideFrom Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece, almost every culture across the globe associate fine jewelry and the gems used to craft it with myths, magic and status. So it’s no wonder that these dazzling trinkets are still coveted in the modern world that we see today.

What Makes a Necklace Meaningful?

There are many things that can make a necklace, or any piece of jewelry for that matter, meaningful. Perhaps it’s the giver that makes the piece extra special. When you give a gift, it is automatically assigned meaning to the person that receives it. This is especially true when the item is a token of love, friendship or a personalized gift.

A stylish princess cut necklaceA necklace can also be particularly meaningful when a person associates it with a special event or time in their life. Perhaps the piece reminds you of an important day like your graduation or wedding day. Maybe you were on vacation and wearing the piece instantly transports you back to that magical place. Or perhaps the necklace is a way of treating yourself after getting that big promotion or reaching a challenging goal.

When to Gift a Necklace

While you don’t need an excuse to say, “I love you,” there are some events that are great for gifting.

Special Occasions

Are there any important days around the corner? Perhaps it’s a holiday. Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s are all big
dates for jewelry gifts.

Or, perhaps your significant other’s birthday is coming up.


A special occasion worthy of its own category. A necklace with meaning makes for a fabulous anniversary gift. You can even incorporate elements of love into your design like a heart charm or add some custom engraving to your design.

New Baby

Sometimes referred to as a “push present” a necklace makes for a great gift for a new parent. If this is your first child together a piece of fine jewelry will serve as a thoughtful reminder of this special day. Additionally, there’s potential for the necklace to become an heirloom piece if you gift your partner a piece of jewelry with the baby’s birthstone that they can pass on to the child once they get older.

Just Because

Perhaps the sweetest reason of all, let your significant other know that you care with a gift that shows you were thinking of them, just because.

Different Types of Meaningful Necklaces

Still undecided as to which type of necklace you want to give? Here are a few of the most commonly gifted styles available.

Pendant Necklaces

Beloved for their minimalist design, pendant necklaces are a timeless classic that style easily. If you’re giving a birthday gift, surprise your loved one with a birthstone pendant. If you’re looking for something a little more romantic opt for a heart pendant necklace or an infinity necklace to tell your SO that you’ll love them forever and ever. Another popular variety of pendants are religious necklaces, one of the most common of which is the cross necklace.

Pendant necklaces aren’t hard to find and they’re available in whichever precious metal that best suits your fancy.

Rose gold,

yellow gold,

white gold or sterling silver, the choice is yours.

Shop Pendants

A yellow gold and a white gold pendant compared side by side

Personalized Necklaces 

Add your own twist to an already classic design with a personalized necklace.
For a gift that says, “I’ll be with you wherever you go,” give them a personalized locket. Just like in the movies, lockets are a wearable memento that will have your significant other on cloud nine. Make sure that there’s room inside for either one picture or two and if you really want to get fancy add special engraving to the inside of the locket too. In the same vein, an engraved necklace is another easy way to add special meaning to a piece of fine jewelry. Add your initials or your anniversary date for an instantly priceless keepsake.

The ultimate in personalization, similar to charm bracelets, charm necklaces are having a fashion moment. Designed so that the wearer can bring everything that they love quite literally close to their heart, you really can’t go wrong with this jewelry classic. Start them off with a charm or two of your choice and let them finish the rest or design a full-blown charm necklace all on your own for a fun surprise.

Learn About Custom Design

A unique pendant featuring a canary yellow stone

Other Types of Necklaces

Go dainty or make it a statement piece with a name necklace. Exactly what it sounds like, name necklaces feature your loved one’s name, usually in a classy cursive font, fixed upon a delicate chain. Alternatively, you could skip the full name and opt to use their, or your, initials instead for a variation of the name necklace referred to as an initial necklace.

For a chic piece that’s very on-trend right now, give your significant other a bar necklace. Available in a variety of styles, a bar necklace is most simply defined as any necklace that has a bar attached to a chain. These necklaces are available in several colors and styles and can be made from different metals. The placement of the bar varies too and can be placed horizontal or straight up and down.

A trendy bar necklace featuring round cut lab grown diamonds

Where are the Best Places to Buy a Necklace?

From Amazon to Etsy, there are several online retailers that offer both personalized and traditional necklace options to choose from. However, if you’re looking to purchase a piece of fine jewelry that will be in it for the long haul we recommend shopping for a high-quality piece.

A person searching for fine jewelry using their tablet There’s always the option of browsing local brick and mortar shops, but for the widest selection, we recommend shopping online. There are multiple reliable online jewelers. At these shops, you’ll find high-quality pieces crafted using the finest precious metals. Best of all, many of these brands offer very reasonable pricing so you won’t need to break the bank to give a gift you love.


Early History of Jewelry: Ancient Times to the 17th Century

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