5 Romantic Proposal Ideas

You’ve found the one and now it’s time to pop the question, congrats! Getting ready to ask your beloved to be yours forever is a huge step and if you’re struggling to come up with the perfect way to do it, don’t fret. Whether you go for a rooftop proposal or you organize the special moment over a romantic dinner, we are here to help you find the perfect way to propose to the person of your dreams. 

This blog post is filled with fabulous proposal ideas to help get you inspired. Plus, we’ll cover a few things that you should do before the big day to make sure that you’re well prepared for what’s to come. 

Happy planning!  

Before the Proposal

We know you’re excited, but there are a few essential tasks that you’ll need to conquer before you’re ready to pop the question.

The first thing to consider is whether or not you want to ask for a blessing from your partner’s family. Traditionally, this blessing comes from the parents, most notably the father. That being said, if your sweetheart isn’t particularly close to their immediate family don’t worry. If this step is important to you, ask another close family member or friend instead. 

Alternatively, throw tradition to the wind and ditch the blessing altogether. More and more couples are opting to skip this step entirely. It’s your proposal and you should do whatever feels right for you. 

Next, if you aren’t already, now’s the time to begin the hunt for your partner’s perfect engagement ring. Whether you choose to take on the shopping by yourself or enlist help from close friends and family, the ring is arguably the most important piece of the proposal puzzle so you’ll want to pick something that they’ll love. Hot tip: social media sites like Pinterest are a great place to get inspiration.  

Finally, it’s time to start brainstorming your perfect proposal. A good place to start is by thinking about the vibe that you want to invoke. Are you looking for something ultra-romantic or do you want something more laid back? Do you and your future fiance like spending time outdoors or are you more into indoor activities? What about location? Do you want to stick close to home or will a big vacation be part of your proposal story? Another important thing to consider is whether you want friends and family present for the big moment or if you want something smaller and more intimate. 

Top Romantic Proposal Ideas 

With all of the above mentioned factors in mind, here are a few of the best proposal ideas to help you get the ball rolling. 

Outdoor Proposal Ideas  

Venture into the great outdoors for a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. From cutesy picnics paired with take-out and red wine to scenic hikes that are sure to make for the perfect backdrop when you ask the big question, it’s hard to go wrong with a nature-packed proposal. 

A beach proposal is a perfect choice for couples who can’t get enough of sandy scenes and vitamin D. Add an extra layer of romance to the surprise and rent a private boat, kayak, or catamaran so that you and your beloved can sail into the sunset(literally). If you prefer to get your feet wet, plan an underwater proposal by bringing an underwater slate beneath the surface during a scuba diving or snorkeling adventure. Then, scrawl your proposal message when your loved one least expects it.  

Alternatively, take your love to new heights with a sky-themed proposal. Embark on a picturesque hot air balloon ride for an ultra idyllic setting. Or, pump up the adrenaline a notch and opt for a helicopter ride instead. Bonus points if you snap a cute selfie in the process. If you prefer to stay closer to solid ground find a nearby Ferris wheel for all of the romance of an aerial proposal minus the knee-shaking heights. 

Fancy Proposal Ideas 

Turn the big day into a black-tie affair with an ultra-classy proposal. Whether that includes checking out a high-scale restaurant in your area or creating your own fine dining scenario from home, these ideas will give you an excuse to bust out your dress shoes. 

If you’re the dancing type, put your skills to the test and kick the night off with some ballroom or salsa dancing. There’s nothing like the passion of twirling the night away to set the mood. Alternatively, let someone else do the entertaining and hit the town for a show. Whether it be a musical, play, or band at the local theater or a comedy club somewhere down the street, dinner and a show are the perfect lead-up to an extra romantic moment.  

If your partner is overdue for a day of pampering(let’s be honest, who isn’t?), take to the spa. A couple’s massage will have them feeling extra relaxed and a proposal paired with a glass of champagne and fluffy robes would be the ultimate icing on the cake. 

Creative Proposal Ideas

Calling all crafters and DIY-ers, homemade proposals are all the rage. Not only are creative proposal ideas extra sentimental, but they’re also really affordable for those on a budget. What’s more, DIY marriage proposal ideas are totally customizable, simplistic to intricate, it’s entirely up to you. 

For something lowkey, but still cute, visit your local park and pop the question. Scope out the location before the big day and enlist some friends and family to help you spruce up your favorite spot with flowers, balloons, bubbly, and signage for a hometown proposal that won’t be forgotten. Similarly, rooftops make for the perfect scene for a surprise proposal. Beautify a sky-high spot with rose petals and romantic music and let your surroundings work their magic. 

Is your partner obsessed with a particular season? Do they believe that Halloween is a lifestyle? Do they skip Thanksgiving altogether and start decorating for Christmas the first day the leaves begin to fall? Or are they a sun-worshipping summer child who can’t get enough of the heat? If so, lean into the season and find a way to incorporate their favorite time of year into your proposal.   

Sentimental Proposal Ideas

Take a walk down memory lane with a sentimental proposal. 

Try your hand at a tried and true classic by recreating your first date. Take them back to the place where it all began and grab some eats or catch a movie at the same place where the sparks first flew. Then, when the moment is right, ask them to be yours forever. 

Another popular idea is the scavenger hunt/treasure hunt(And for good reason, it’s insanely cute). For this proposal, you’ll lead your significant other on a wild race to gather several clues scattered throughout your home or even the city. Need help coming up with ideas? Relive your love story together as you guide them to places that are important to your relationship. Think the spot where you had your first date and the place where you first said, “I love you.” Then, once they gather all the clues, ask them the next most important question, “will you marry me?” Ugh, we’re swooning already! 

Family-Focused Proposal Ideas 

Children, tight-knit family members, and fur babies alike – they can all be a part of the big day. One of the most popular ways to involve the entire family is with a holiday-centric proposal like Christmas or another large gathering. However, if you don’t think that your significant other would be comfortable with all the pressure that comes with a big group, you might want to stray away from this surprise proposal idea. 

Instead, find other ways to involve the fam while still allowing the two of you to share an intimate moment. Think, asking family members to hold a, “will you marry me?” sign paired with some balloons and flowers. Or, ask them to be on standby with a camera so that you can snap some pictures and celebrate together once the deed is done. 

When it comes to pets, the situation is less complicated. A few fun ways to involve your furry friend include fixing the ring to their back with a ribbon and a small pillow, custom pet clothing, name tags, or collars that pop that question for you, or, if your pet is really talented, they can even fetch the ring. This fun yet simple proposal idea is a great way to surprise your special someone. 

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