Marriage: Goodness.
Mined diamonds: Not.

So you’re in love.

But let’s talk about this engagement thing.

First, the diamond industry is corrupt and manipulative. It’s hypnotized men and women to think they have to show love and status with a shiny rock that is supposed to be rare (it’s not) so they can take money you should be spending elsewhere (like a beach honeymoon).

Don’t fall for it.

Want a real diamond? Nothing wrong with bling. where you get the bling is how it gets dirty.

Straight talk about diamonds.

12FIFTEEN offers man made, lab grown, eco perfect 100% carbon diamonds because we hate BS.

It’s BS to buy a diamond scraped from the earth. It’s BS to think diamond mining isn’t exploitive. It’s BS to think that modern cartels (a.k.a. terrorists) aren’t making money from your diamond. reality.

The industry at the jewelry level is also full of BS. Markups are stupid high, and chain store “craftsmanship” is often done overseas by sweatshops that bang out thousands of mass produced rings. These hacks hollow out metal to save money and it’s not uncommon for the prongs that hold your diamond in place to be cheap add-ons that look like crap.

You know that ideal vision of your ring being made by master craftspeople in some wholesome American enclave? Where they’re all meticulous about every little detail and put their souls into every ring because they think about the person who will wear it? And where they care about the environment, about morality, and make their rings of solid gold and don’t cheat customers by charging for some Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills address or TV advertising?

That’s us. 12FIFTEEN. Welcome. You found a better reality.

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