Marriage: Goodness.
Mined diamonds: Not so much.

Be in love.

Just don’t be fooled. Big diamond brands tell big untruths.

We love diamonds. We just know too much about the business of diamond mining and diamond jewelry marketing to sell even one mined diamond. Never have, never will.

We’ve reached the point where there is no positive reason to buy a mined diamond. Mining’s environmental and human impact are well known and substantiated. Diamonds that are man made are identically gorgeous (because they’re chemically the same!) and right now, are less expensive than comparable mined diamonds sold by most jewelry companies. Because lab grown diamonds are technically rarer, we suspect that as more people become familiar with the advantages of lab grown, prices will rise on pace with demand.

12FIFTEEN is part of the Forever Companies, and our sister brands ONLY offer lab diamonds, gemstones and diamond alternative stones in our fine jewelry. Each of our companies’ products have unique benefits. If you purchase from 12FIFTEEN, Diamond Nexus or Forever Artisans, you become a part of the Forever family of people who love our fine jewelry, family discounts, lab grown price match guarantee and family trade-up program. For more information, contact a 12FIFTEEN Consultant at (800) 604-1215.

What we believe.

Lab diamonds are better.

Yes, better. Better for the earth, better (cheaper) for you. Lab diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical characteristics found in mined diamonds. Because they’re diamonds! One is grown in the wild (mined), one in a greenhouse (lab).

Quality matters.

Our settings are handcrafted individually with meticulous care and the finest materials. What do mass manufacturers do to bring costs down? They machine stamp in large batches. We bring costs down by cutting out the middle man and selling exclusively online.

Confidence is key.

You should feel confident you’ve purchased the right ring for the right price from the right company. To do that, we offer a wide selection of styles, low prices on lab grown diamonds, and 30-day returns. We believe your engagement ring, in every way, should be feel right. If not, we’ll make it so.

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