What Is the Best Diamond Cut?

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Buying a diamond is a big endeavor, especially if you’re looking for an engagement ring. Choosing the best diamond cut for your purposes is essential, not only aesthetically, but also for your budget.

Two accented engagement rings Some cuts are more suitable for certain jewelry styles than others, and some cuts are more luxuriously priced than others, whether this may be a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond. To help you narrow down the best diamond cut to suit your needs, below is a brief introduction of some of the most popular and different diamond shapes that are all the rage in today’s market.

Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut is by far the most popular diamond cut of all time. It has retained its popularity for uncountable years despite the fact that it’s also the most expensive of all other diamond cuts. Besides its unmatched beauty, several other factors contribute to the popularity of round brilliant cut diamonds as well as its price tag.

A round brilliant cut diamond is so ‘brilliant’ because it has the highest number of facets. A total of 58, to be exact, which means that when the light enters such a diamond, it’s reflected through 58 facets before leaving the diamond. Therefore, it offers an unmatched shine, especially when compared to different diamond cuts.

Round brilliants have maintained their value phenomenally well over the past six centuries, and they’ll likely continue to do so for years to come. These facts alone are enough to keep demand high. No matter how fashion might change, you can rest assured that your round brilliant cut diamond will remain just as valuable as ever.

The round brilliant cut Another great feature of a round diamond is that they adjust well to all sorts of settings, and they beautifully complement side stones of any color and shape. It makes it easy to alter an engagement ring later simply by adding stones to the setting or changing the stones. Plus, round, brilliant cuts scream luxury and class. It’s no wonder roughly 70% of all diamond engagement rings are adorned with round brilliant cut diamonds.

So, if you’re still wondering which diamond cut is the most expensive, know that round brilliant cuts are going to be the most expensive diamond cut. As we’ve discussed, round brilliant diamonds are one of the most in-demand shapes across all diamond cuts. Factors like “supply and demand” and their overall brilliance make this particular cut the most expensive option. Especially when compared to other cuts of the same carat weight. This is largely due to the fact that creating 58 facets for such a regal look demands a high degree of precision and skill.

Additionally, the round brilliant shaped diamond requires more removal of rough diamond material, which means more waste, and unfortunately, you still pay for that material whether you realize it or not.

Princess Cut

The princess cut diamond is another masterpiece when it comes to elegance in diamond cuts. A princess cut diamond can be either square or rectangular and presents a more modern look. Additionally, a princess cut diamond is significantly less costly than a round brilliant cut of the same carat weight.

The princess cut The nice thing about princess cut diamonds is that they too are made with several facets and offer an exceptional sparkle. It’s a perfect, geometrical shape with spectacular sparkle, which is what makes the princess cut diamond engagement ring so popular among fans of more contemporary-style jewelry.

Cushion Cut

Some might say that the princess cut and the cushion cut diamond are in a perpetual tussle for second place when it comes to popularity. Some days the princess cut diamond shape wins. Other days the cushion cut engagement ring wins.

The cushion cut What is a cushion cut diamond? Well, cushion cut diamonds are also square-shaped, but instead of being angled, their corners are rounded to give them a more elegant look. While the princess cut diamond may be a favorite of those looking for a contemporary style, in contrast, the cushion cut is an aesthetically appealing amalgamation of both modern and vintage looks.

The nice thing about cushion cuts is that the rounded corners mean a reduced need for a protective setting, unlike the princess cut. That’s because the chances of the corners chipping off have been dramatically reduced. Even better, cushion cuts also give off a gorgeous sparkle and can have many facets, which is one of the reasons they are neck-and-neck with princess cuts in popularity.

Emerald Cut

For those of you that are looking to combine elegance with affordability, an emerald cut diamond ring may just be your best diamond cut yet.

While being reasonably priced, an emerald cut diamond has a broader surface area, which gives it the illusion of being bigger than it actually is. Emerald cut diamonds have a wide table with many steps that go deeper down. This specific ‘stepped’ style of the cut is what gives it the stunning effect of a hall of mirrors.

The emerald cut This particular cut is ideally suited for those who are more fond of clarity than sparkle, who prefer understated opulence over flashy brilliance. Though it isn’t as glaringly bright as the round brilliant cut diamond, it is still crystal clear and supremely elegant. And if how your hands look is important to you, when it’s worn with a vertical setting, the emerald cut will make your fingers look more slender.

Marquise Cut

What is the best diamond cut for those who love big looking stones? The marquise cut, of course! Just like an emerald cut, a marquise cut diamond is all about its significant surface area. A marquise diamond is, in fact, the longest of all diamond cuts. They also have rounded sides and pointed edges, giving them quite a royal appearance.

The marquise cut Although they are long like emerald cut diamonds, a marquise cut diamond can be made with many facets and even provide a decent amount of sparkle. Therefore, they sort of combine the features of size and shine to create a pretty attractive overall package. And hey, if you like feeling like royalty, why not try one of these cuts on for size and see how you like it?

Oval Cut

The oval cut diamond is probably considered one of the most evergreen diamond cuts. Its elongated, oval shape has brilliant facets while still maximizing carat weight. The result is a diamond cut that’s quite lively and modern-looking, with plenty of fire.

The oval cut An oval cut diamond can actually have the same number of facets as a round cut diamond while creating less waste. The oval engagement ring is specifically recommended for brides that love a unique look, and want to accentuate long, slender fingers.

When you combine the size, extraordinary shape, and perfect glare of an oval diamond, it adds up to a perfect package that never seems to go out of style.

Pear Cut

Pear cut diamonds are arguably among the oldest of diamond cuts that are available today and offer an unmatched vintage look that many brides, young and old, love.

A pear cut diamond or pear shaped diamond looks like a teardrop, which is why sometimes it’s referred to as a tear drop cut. It’s a unique cut that combines the best of both the oval and marquise shape rings.

The pear cut Now, if sparkle is one of your priorities, you can’t go wrong with a pear cut engagement ring because it definitely gives you plenty. It also gives the impression that the stone is larger than it actually is, and you can create a pear shaped diamond with many facets, per your tastes.

If there’s a downside, it’s that the pointed end can be more vulnerable and prone to chipping. That’s the primary reason that many pear cut diamonds are often safeguarded with a bezel or a half V setting for maximum protection.

Asscher Cut

Finally, there’s the extremely unique and eye-catching Asscher cut diamond. These cuts are also sometimes referred to as a step cut, just like emerald cuts.

In fact, Asscher cut diamonds are a lot like emerald cut diamonds, except the former takes on a square shape rather than the rectangular one. However, the inner cutting is done in the same stepped manner. This is a great cut to help hide inclusions and lesser color grades.

The Asscher cut The Asscher cut diamond is known for its extraordinarily unique shine and has an outstanding pattern of reflection. Also, the corners are not pointed, saving them from potential chipping. If you love Art Deco and elegant, vintage flairs, you might just fall head over heels for an Asscher cut engagement ring.

We don’t blame you! It’s so hard choosing the best diamond cut grade, but at the end of the day, you have to choose a cut that works with your style and your budget and offers a good balance of value and brilliance. Also, always keep in mind that you may well be wearing this diamond for the rest of your life, so it might as well be one you’re madly in love with.


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