What Is a Halo Cut Engagement Ring?

The halo diamond ring cut is an ongoing engagement ring trend that continues to dominate the jewelry world. With a distinctive ring style of small gems surrounding the main stone, this unique diamond ring design draws extra attention to show-stopping center stones and adds extra sparkle to any ring setting. 

If you’re unsure whether a diamond halo cut ring style is right for you (or your partner), or if you’re still deciding on how you want your halo engagement ring to look, you’ve come to the right place. Our halo setting guide will introduce you to everything you need to know about halo engagement  rings. We’ll explore the basics of the cut, as well as a few variations so you can see for yourself just how unique halo cut engagement rings can be. 

The Halo Cut

While the popularity of diamond halo cut engagement rings has grown recently, this ring setting design isn’t new when it comes to picking an engagement ring. In fact, the halo setting  can be traced as far back as 1714. Interestingly, the halo cut doesn’t describe the shape of the center stone in an engagement or wedding band. Instead, the term describes the ring or “halo” of small stones that surround an engagement ring’s main stone (or stones). 

Let’s consider an example: A cushion cut halo ring would include:

  • One cushion cut center stone
  • A ring of smaller stones completely surrounding the center cushion cut

Nearly every type of center stone cut can accommodate a halo of small gems around it. Unlike other ring settings, the halo cut offers a unique setting with distinct sparkle, impressive visual effects, and numerous variations.

In fact, the shape and positioning of the halo stones themselves can vary from ring to ring, further expanding custom ring design options. 

Variations on the Halo Cut

While even the most common halo cut engagement rings are usually unique from one another, there are countless additional variations to consider in your search for the perfect diamond engagement ring. 

Hidden Halo

Subtlety and minimalism are fast-growing trends in diamond engagement ring design. The hidden halo variation gives ring shoppers the chance to combine the breathtaking vibrancy offered by the halo diamond ring  cut with a more low-key setting design.

While the stones in a traditional halo cut face upwards and are usually level with (or slightly above) the center diamond, the hidden halo refers to two potential halo variations, and some rings employ both:

  • Instead of facing upward, the halo stones face outward, away from the center stone.
  • Instead of being level with (or slightly above) the center stone, the halo sits below the center stone, emphasizing the center gem while providing a glittery halo beneath it. 

12FIFTEEN’s Hera Accented Oval Cut Engagement Ring is an excellent example. 

Double Halo

Instead of surrounding the center stone with only one ring of tiny gems, the double (or even triple) halo cut design adds additional halos around the center gem. There are a few reasons why someone might double (or triple) up on halos around their center stone:

  • Ring designers can combine the traditional, upward-facing halo with an additional hidden halo underneath and facing outward from the center stone for added sparkle.
  • Using a second or third halo is an opportunity to add a ring of different stones to contrast the center gem. For instance, a setting could use a lab-grown diamond in the center, one halo of a colored stone, and an outer halo of more diamonds or other clear gems. Additional colors can draw attention to the color and clarity of the center stone and provide additional visual interest in the setting. 
  • If you’re designing a round diamond ring using an heirloom stone, but want more carats than the meaningful stone can provide, ring designers can add halos for extra sparkle, increased size, and visual intrigue. 

This Glow Oval Cut engagement ring is an example of a double halo. 

Unconventional Halo Cut Shapes and Sizes

While most halo cut engagement rings feature halos with small square or round stones, engagement ring designers have begun to experiment with using additional shapes and larger gems in halo cut settings. 

For instance, the 12FIFTEEN Vali Bold Princess Cut engagement ring uses large lab-grown diamonds in its halo, drawing attention to both the beauty of the center stone and the glittering quality of the halo gems. 

If you’re looking to design a stand-out ring for your future fiance, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes for your halo gems. Can you picture a round cut diamond center stone circled with small marquise cut or oval cut stones? With a dash of unconventional flair, you can turn any engagement ring into a unique halo cut. 

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring at 12FIFTEEN

If you’re looking for the perfect halo cut ring, 12FIFTEEN’s collection of engagement rings—featuring ethical, lab-grown stones—is sure to wow you and your future fiance. With numerous halo designs to choose from, you’ll either find a ring that’s perfect for your partner or discover an inspiration for a custom setting.

Plus, at 12FIFTEEN, we’re committed to our values—we’ve never sold a mined stone, and we never plan to. That dedication fuels everything we do, including finding or creating the perfect ring for your future spouse. 


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