How to Stack Wedding and Engagement Rings

For decades, wedding and engagement rings have been worn stacked on the left-hand ring finger to symbolize the commitment of marriage. This tradition still stands today but has evolved to suit modern tastes and trends as with all wedding traditions. 

While many people still stack a diamond engagement ring and wedding ring, in recent years, it has become increasingly popular to stack additional diamond rings on top of these. Others choose to forgo a stack altogether and simply wear just their wedding band or just their engagement ring.

If you err on the side of more is more, it’s easy to learn how to stack wedding and engagement rings, and any other rings you want to stack with them. With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll learn how to wear stacked wedding rings like a pro!

Stackable Wedding Bands

How to Wear Stacked Wedding Rings

The engagement ring is the official sign of betrothal. Still, there are other rings that carry symbolism, most notably the wedding band, which is the official sign of marriage, and the eternity band, which represents unending love. Stacked wedding rings can add a unique flare to one’s style. Here’s how to wear all of them together (and more).  

Stacking a Wedding Band 

Typically the wedding band is placed on top of the engagement ring on the wedding day to complete the bridal set. Today, though, many brides opt for more than one wedding band to wear one above and one below their engagement ring. Wearing two wedding bands in this way can highlight your engagement ring beautifully, and allow you to enhance the overall sparkle of your stack with more diamonds and other gemstones.  Some brides also opt for a diamond wedding band to add even more sparkle to their finger. 

Keep in mind that the style setting of your engagement ring, high or low, will influence how snugly a wedding band can stack against it. If you have an engagement ring with a low setting, you may want to consider a pointed or curved wedding band, which will fit around a center stone, such as an oval or round diamond, rather than underneath it. To find a wedding band that “nests” perfectly with your engagement ring, explore our collection at 12FIFTEEN Diamonds.

Stacking an Eternity Band

An eternity band or eternity ring is a ring with diamonds, such as lab-grown diamonds, all the way around the ring. This unending pattern is meant to symbolize eternal love. Many brides choose the eternity diamond ring for a wedding band, but this style can be a perfect anniversary ring as well. If you have both a wedding band and an eternity band, it is suggested to wear one beneath your engagement ring and the other on top of your engagement ring. If you have two wedding bands, you can simply stack an eternity ring above it. And if you have a curved wedding band, it’s better to stack the eternity ring closer to the engagement ring.    

Stacking Additional Rings

Your ring stack doesn’t have to stop with a stacked wedding ring, engagement ring, and eternity ring. There are other stackable rings that look beautiful alongside a standard wedding ring stack. These could include an additional lab created diamond anniversary band, a band given at the birth of a child, or a ring given on any other special occasion. As time goes on, your stack will grow and come to represent the many beautiful milestones you have experienced throughout your life. You can continue your stacking ring set for as long as you like, like charms. 

Dos and Don’ts of Stacking Wedding Rings

Don’t force it. There’s no rule that you have to wear a wedding band and eternity band with your engagement ring. You may decide to purchase a curved band or another unique design instead that suits your style and the style of your engagement ring better than traditional styles. 

Do mix metals. There’s also no rule that these rings need to be the same color metal as your wedding rings. You can mix yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, and the stack will look beautiful all the same.  

Do change it up. You don’t have to style your stack the same way all of the time either. You can mix it up in a few years, or if you receive a new ring you’d like to add in the future. 

Don’t forget to have fun with it! Jewelry is a representation of your individual style, and your wedding rings are some of the few pieces you wear with everything. You can also have fun mixing up different gemstone jewelry, whether it’s moissanite and diamond or even colored gemstones, like sapphire and ruby. So, choose styles that speak to you.   

Whether you stack multiple rings on your left ring finger or wear your engagement ring or wedding band all by itself, the beauty is that it’s up to you! There are so many ways to style your bridal stack, and no way is wrong. To visualize your ideal wedding stack, browse engagement rings, wedding bands, lab grown diamond jewelry, and other stackable rings at 12FIFTEEN Diamonds

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