How to Accessorize a Wedding Dress: 9 Dazzling Tips & Tricks

When it comes to wedding jewelry ideas to accessorize your wedding dress, there is nothing more important than feeling beautiful. After all, it’s your day. You should feel like the most captivating version of yourself. That’s where lab diamond jewelry comes in.

From choosing earrings to a necklace and hairstyle, there’s a lot of wedding accessory options to consider for your big day. Especially when you’re figuring out which bridal look shows your true self and complements your bridesmaids. Thankfully, we can help. 

We’ve put together 9 foolproof tips and tricks when figuring out how to accessorize your wedding dress. Ready to discover your big day look?

1. Consider Your Neckline

One of the most important components to consider when asking what jewelry to wear with wedding dress or trying to match your wedding jewelry to your wedding gown is your dress’s neckline. 

When it comes to a high neckline like a choker or sweetheart neckline, you may want to skip a necklace altogether. After all, you don’t want the top of your dress to be too busy. 

Then again, wedding dress styles like a v neck dress or halter necklines look great with or without a necklace. And when it comes to a strapless dress neckline, a choker, short chain, or short pendant necklace might look best. We’ll go in detail about a strapless neckline below.

The key is to consider where your necklace will fall relative to your dress’s neckline and ensure they don’t overlap. 

2. Strapless Wedding Dress Staples

If you opt for a strapless wedding dress such as a birdcage or décolletage style, there are endless options for choosing a necklace to match.

With a strapless dress option, you’re free to choose the necklace style you love as long as the length rests just above the dress line. Options such as a pear cut station necklace will elevate your glam look, while classic styles like a round single bail pendant will keep the look oh-so traditional. 

You’ll always want to consider whether you’ll be wearing a bolero or cover up, as that could affect the top of your ensemble.

3. Go Beaded

When considering the wedding accessories that best match your gown, you should also consider how they match your personality. 

Beaded wedding jewelry styles are a great fit for those with a bubbly personality and a dress to match. Beaded styles are adorned with metal detail that resembles a beaded pattern, and may be set with or without lab diamonds. 

If you’re opting for a beaded wedding band, choosing beaded jewelry will match your accessories and keep your style clean and posh. It’s helpful to know how to stack wedding and engagement rings before the big day to ensure your beaded style works.

4. Bold Embellishments

For brides looking for a little more sparkle for their wedding day look, choosing bold embellishments can bring your look up a notch.

Bold accessories can include anything from drop earrings and hoops to a glamorous tennis bracelet. All of which will create a dazzling bridal jewelry look that will have all eyes on you. 

Plus, when you choose lab diamonds, you save half the cost or more of mined diamonds.

5. Statement Earrings

Your personal style will determine the earrings that are right for you, but when it comes to sparkle, you can’t go wrong with statement earrings and a statement necklace.

Fashion earrings feature all the sparkle you’re looking for without the heavy feel on your ears. From ear climbers to bold studs, how glam you go is up to you. 

When choosing statement pieces vs traditional stud earrings, consider how bold you want to go with your bracelet and necklace. Staggering bold and basic styles can ensure you don’t go overboard with sparkle while keeping your look stunning. 

6. Rose Gold Studs

When opting for studs, many brides choose a modern take on the traditional look. This can be done by choosing different metal types like yellow gold and rose gold jewelry.

Rose gold studs give your ears the classic look you want while bringing a vibrant warm hue to the mix. This can be great paired with a rose gold hairpiece or even rose gold stacked wedding rings. 

Mixing metals is all about playing around with the color combinations that work best for you. For example, 14K vs 18K rose gold. Interchange rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold jewelry for a totally unique look or white gold and rose gold to add a touch of warmth to your big day.

Don’t forget to read up on how to clean your rose gold jewelry before the day arrives to keep your adornments in pristine condition.

7. Hair Accessories

Another important component of your wedding day look to consider is your hair accessories. While many brides opt for a traditional wedding veil, others prefer a headpiece, tiara, or glam headband. 

When it comes to matching your hair accessory to your wedding dress, consider whether you’ll be wearing lace. A lacy hairpiece could end up distracting eyes from your hairdo if paired with a lacy dress. Then again, a simple hair accessory can keep your hairdo as the main focal point. 

You’ll also want to consider whether you want an updo vs a flowy down style. For brides who want a boho wedding, long flowy hair with a floral hair accessory works well, while brides who want a neat updo might choose a traditional wedding veil.

8. Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It’s a day-old saying yet one that completes your perfect day. 

When looking to incorporate something blue into your wedding look, a blue wedding adornment can add a touch of color to your style. 

Lab sapphires offer the deep blue hue that you want, without the imperfections found in mined counterparts. Whether you choose a sapphire right hand ring, bracelet, or necklace pendant, you can’t go wrong with a stunning blue heirloom.

Looking for something blue? Call our Customer Care team to choose the option right for you. 

9. Do a Test Run

It can be stressful when working to create your wedding look on the day of. That’s why it’s a good idea to do a test run of your wedding jewelry and bridal gown. 

Doing a test run at least a few weeks before the wedding can help you see imperfections you otherwise wouldn’t think of. For example, if your dress is bright white and you were expecting it to be slightly off-white, warm gold tones could throw your look off. The same goes for knowing where your necklace falls in relation to your neckline. 

If you’re planning on getting your wedding rings engraved, it can be a good idea to brush up on how to engrave a ring while doing your initial test run so you’re prepared when the day arrives. 

Always ensure that you have at least one other family member or friend there when you do a test run for another opinion. Plus, testing it in multiple lighting scenarios can help you understand how your ensemble will look in wedding pictures. 

Knowing how to accessorize your wedding dress

Not everyone is a pro at matching their wardrobe and finding the right wedding jewelry and bridal accessory. While it can be fun to play around with styles and colors if you have the time, that’s not always possible. 

Thankfully, we have a staff of highly trained professionals that are here to help you every step of the way. From choosing the right adornments to getting them shipped in time, let us know how we can help.

Finally, consider ring engraving ideas to finish off your wedding day look with a meaningful saying you can look back on for years to come. 

From lab grown diamond jewelry to engraved jewelry, find the perfect accessories at 12Fifteen. 

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