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  • The History of The Emerald Cut Diamond 
  • The Meaning of The Emerald Cut Diamond
  • The Style of The Emerald Cut Diamond
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An engagement ring is one of the most significant pieces of jewelry and possessions in general that most of us will ever own. In and of itself, this diamond ring, irrespective of the precious metal it’s made of or the cut of the diamond(s) it features, symbolizes love and commitment—forever. It’s customary to give such a substantial purchase a lot of thought. 

Hera Accented Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

One of the main things to think about before purchasing a diamond engagement ring is which diamond cut you love, and can see yourself wearing for decades to come. If you’re considering an emerald cut diamond and want to uncover the emerald cut diamond ring meaning before you commit, continue reading. Here, we’ll answer all your questions about this unique diamond cut.

The History of The Emerald Cut Diamond 

The modern emerald cut diamond first got its name in the 1920s, however, its origins date back as far as the 1500s. With a history that long, it’s no surprise this diamond cut is one of the most coveted.

Before it was used to cut diamonds, however, the emerald cut was used to cut the gorgeous green emerald gemstone, which is where it gets its name. Diamond cutters realized that the emerald cutting technique created less pressure on the stone, which caused fewer chips, and thus, was less costly. And while it is still used to cut emerald gemstones to this day, it is arguably more common to cut diamonds. 

While the method for the emerald cut was nothing new, it experienced immense popularity during the 1920s. The art deco movement of this time was all about sharp lines and geometric shapes, and the rectangular emerald cut suited this style just right. For the past one hundred years, the emerald cut diamond has experienced surges and slows, but it has consistently been one of the most beloved cuts for a diamond engagement ring

The Meaning of The Emerald Cut Diamond

A diamond of any cut, lab-grown or otherwise, symbolizes so many wonderful things: love, strength, and, due to their incredible hardness, invincibility. It is no wonder, then, that this precious gemstone has come to symbolize engagement. 

In addition to this wonderful symbolism, different diamond cuts can say something about the wearer. If you’re curious about what wearing an emerald cut diamond will say about you, you can be confident it will signify great taste. This cut is bold, yet sophisticated, fashionable, yet classic. And, like its sparkle, its wearer is subtle yet striking. 

You can also rest easy knowing you’ll be in good company. The emerald ring style has graced the engagement rings of Jackie Kennedy, Beyonce, Amal Cooney, and Grace Kelly, among many others. These leading ladies alone attest to the cut’s enduring quality throughout the generations. 

The Style of The Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut diamond is defined by its rectangular fancy shape and step-cut facets that appear like long stairs leading to the center of the stone. This geometric pattern is what made it famous in the 1920s, but it is also what makes it feel sleek and modern today.  

The emerald’s elongated fancy shape is supremely elegant and refined as well. Any elongated diamond shape is a wonderful choice for someone who wants to slim and elongate the look of their fingers. Elongated fancy shapes can also appear larger relative to their carat weight than square or teardrop-shaped diamonds such as the princess cut or pear shape.  

In addition to these flattering traits, the emerald cut is extremely versatile; it looks beautiful set with a pave band and halo, flanked by side stones, or facing East to West. All of these attributes give the emerald cut diamond its signature style. 

Explore Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

If the history, meaning, and engagement ring style of the emerald diamond speak to you, it may be the perfect choice for your engagement ring. Consider browsing emerald engagement ring settings to see if the styles speak to you. This particular diamond cut looks beautiful all on its own in a solitaire setting, but three-stone settings featuring an emerald at the center are particularly popular. When flanked by tapered baguette diamonds, or even ovals, an emerald center stone will shine more brilliantly.  

Regardless of which setting you choose, an emerald cut engagement ring will never go out of fashion, and it will symbolize eternal love and commitment. If you consider a lab grown emerald cut diamond, your engagement ring can also be a symbol for a more sustainable world. At 12FIFTEEN Diamonds, we know far too much about the diamond industry, which is why we only carry lab-made diamonds that are as beautiful and invincible as mined diamonds—and chemically identical. The difference? Our diamonds are free from unethical practices; they’re better for the earth and the people on it. 


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