A Guide on the Types of Diamond Necklace Styles

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  • How much Does a Diamond Necklace Cost?
  • The Best Place to Buy a Diamond Necklace
  • Types of Diamond Necklaces
  • Diamond Solitaire Necklace


There’s nothing quite like a diamond necklace. The way it picks up light, highlights the face and body, and adds elegance and sophistication to any occasion cannot be matched. It is a statement piece anyone would treasure.

When choosing a diamond necklace, there are numerous options to consider to find the right look for you.  Some of which include the cut, carat, color, and clarity of each diamond, the metal and setting used, and, of course, the oh-so-stunning style.

Pear Cut Station Necklace in 14K White Gold

There are many lab diamond necklace styles to choose from including solitaire, drop, tennis, and more! We put together some of the most popular types of diamond necklaces to choose from, so you can decide which best suits your personal style.  

How much Does a Diamond Necklace Cost?

The amount you pay for a diamond necklace varies depending on the type of diamond you choose, such as a lab diamond vs. mined, and the jeweler you purchase it from. 

The price of a diamond necklace can range from as little as a few hundred dollars to thousands. The price you pay will depend on several factors including:

  • Whether the necklace is mined or made in a lab: Lab diamonds can be as much as 50% less expensive than mined.
  • How many diamonds are in the necklace: Generally, the more diamonds in the necklace, the more expensive it will be.
  • The cut, carats, color, and clarity of the diamonds: The 4 Cs are the deciding quality factors in how much a diamond is worth.
  • The metal that’s used: Certain metals are more expensive than others. For example, platinum is more expensive than gold, and gold is more expensive than silver.
  • What other gemstones are in the necklace if any: Other stones in the necklace could increase or decrease the stone’s value depending on how much they are worth.  
  • The jeweler who made the necklace: If the necklace was made by a brick and mortar jeweler, it will likely cost more.

The Best Place to Buy a Diamond Necklace

There are various retailers that sell diamonds, but the key is to find a jeweler you trust. 

Generally, it’s best to buy from an online jeweler. Purchasing a diamond necklace online is better because it gives you access to a wider selection. Additionally, online jewelers are able to cut out the middle man, reducing the overall cost of their jewelry. 

It’s also advisable to buy from retailers that sell lab grown diamonds. In addition to being more affordable and just as stunning, lab grown diamonds are more ethical. The mined diamond industry has been linked to human rights issues and forced labor, making the choice a simple one. 

It may be difficult to determine the quality of the diamond before you make a purchase, but if you buy from a trusted jeweler, you can feel confident that you are making a smart buying decision. At 12FIFTEEN, we put quality above all else. That means you can be confident that you’re getting the best lab diamond necklace at the best possible price. 

Types of Diamond Necklaces

Finding the perfect diamond necklace involves finding the right jeweler and the right prices. It also requires finding the diamond necklace style that works for you. From solitaire to halo, here are some of the most popular types of diamond necklaces to choose from. 

Diamond Solitaire Necklace

A lab diamond solitaire necklace is called so because it features just one diamond on a chain. The diamond can be any shape, though round brilliant diamonds are ideal for showing off the stone’s fire and brilliance. Because the stone is on its own, it must stand out in terms of carat, color, cut, and clarity. It should be large enough to get noticed but elegant enough not to overpower the chain.

Solitaire Honeycomb Necklace in Sterling Silver

Diamond solitaire necklaces have a classic appearance that will never go out of style.

Diamond Drop Necklace

When exploring types of diamond necklaces, you may come across the lab diamond drop necklace. These are necklaces with pendants that drop down from the chain. Whether they feature one stone at center stage or a row of stones, a drop necklace offers a dramatic effect. 

The setting will play a large role in a diamond drop necklace style, so you’ll want to pay attention to the metal being used. White gold and platinum will bring out the brilliance of the diamond while yellow gold can offset yellow tones.

Diamond Tennis Necklace

The lab diamond tennis necklace is similar to the diamond tennis bracelet. The tennis style refers to a delicate bracelet or necklace comprised of a symmetrical pattern of diamonds connected by a thin, precious metal chain. It was originally named after the tennis star, Chris Evert, and has been called by the famous nickname ever since.

Diamond tennis necklaces have a simple yet elegant style. They can be worn with anything from a fancy gown to a casual top. They can be short to fit tightly around the neck, or they can be longer to extend the look. Their simple style makes them great for layering with other pieces.

Diamond Cluster Necklace

One of the more elaborate diamond necklace styles is the lab diamond cluster necklace. A diamond cluster necklace features a group of diamonds. The diamonds can be small, large, or of various sizes, and can be arranged in any number of ways.

Cluster Bar Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold

Because the diamonds are clustered together, they tend to exude elegance and are worn for upscale occasions. However, there are more delicate varieties that have a casual aesthetic.

Diamond Halo Necklace

A lab diamond halo necklace features a stone at center stage surrounded by a ring of smaller accent stones. . The halo is a sophisticated style that brings all the brilliance. This is why it’s such a great fit for those who love the look of bold jewelry. 

A diamond halo necklace is the perfect jewelry piece for those who love flashy everyday style. 

Diamond Bar Necklace

A lab diamond bar necklace features a simple bar shape. It typically has a chain that attaches to a bar shape pendant on either end. However, the term can also apply to a rectangular bar-shaped pendant that drops down vertically.

A bar necklace is made of precious metal such as sterling silver, gold, or platinum. While a diamond bar necklace is flashy in style, you can also choose a style without diamonds for a minimalist look.

Diamond bar necklaces are all the rage and will be in style for years to come.

Diamond Circle Necklace

The lab diamond circle necklace and diamond halo necklace feature similar characteristics, though they are distinct. Both are pendants that feature circular shapes, but unlike the halo necklace, the diamond circle necklace does not feature a center stone. 

Because a diamond circle necklace does not feature a center stone, it really brings out the symbol of eternity. This makes it an ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or as a celebration of anything else that you want to last a long time.

Diamond Initial Necklace

Lab diamond initial necklaces are one of the more popular types of diamond necklaces. As the name suggests, they feature an initial. The initial is typically that of the wearer, but you can also wear the initial of your partner or loved ones. Some wearers also choose pendant initials for each member of their family.

Diamond initial necklaces typically come in pendant form. They may be completely bejeweled, or they may have diamond accents on the precious metal. They make terrific gifts for birthdays and graduations.

Diamond initial necklaces were big in the 80s and have come full circle as a major part of the personalization trend. 

Finding the Perfect Diamond Necklace

There are many choices to make when picking out a diamond necklace but finding the right types of diamond necklaces is essential. You must think of who you are buying for, the occasion, and the style. You must also consider quality, price, and the best seller to buy from.

There are several diamond necklace retailers out there, but 12FIFTEEN Diamonds is a brand you can trust.

At 12FIFTEEN,  we offer a variety of affordable lab-grown diamonds. Along with our wide range of diamond necklace styles, we also sell earrings, bracelets, wedding bands, and stunning lab diamond engagement rings. Plus, we offer multiple payment options to fit your needs.

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