Are Diamonds Rare?

Thanks to expert marketing campaigns, the average shopper is likely to be under the impression that natural-grown diamonds are exceedingly rare. However, this isn’t exactly the case. 

Diamonds are the hardest material on earth, and undeniably stunning in appearance, but beyond these factors what sets the stone that we most associate with love and devotion apart from other gems? In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the elements that make diamonds unique. We’ll also tackle the question of whether or not ethical diamonds exist and where you can find them for your engagement ring or fine jewelry piece.  

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Things That Make Diamonds Unique

Diamonds Are the Hardest Substance on Earth

Diamonds are made of 99.5% carbon, a commonly found natural element that is responsible for giving the gem its color, shape, and strength. However, this in itself isn’t necessarily enough to make mined diamonds “rare”. 

The International Gem Society(IGS) puts it this way, “Diamonds are the hardest material found on earth. They resist scratching better than anything else. Other than that, they hold no unique distinctions. All gem-quality materials are rare. They compose just a tiny fraction of the Earth. However, diamonds actually number among the most common gems. Ask yourself this: “How many people do you know who own at least one diamond?” Now, ask this question about other gems, like rubies, sapphires, or emeralds.” 

Diamonds Form Under Extreme Conditions

How are diamonds formed? Traditionally, the ‘gem of love,’ as diamonds are known, isn’t made in a matter of days. They aren’t even made in a few years or even decades. Instead, it takes millions and even billions of years for natural diamonds to form within the earth’s crust. 

However, thanks to modern technology, gemologists can now able to mimic the extreme pressures and temperatures that natural diamonds undergo within the earth to create a lab grown diamond. Lab diamonds can form in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days, making them an appealing alternative to mined diamonds. 

The fact that diamonds can easily be man made is another reason that the natural version of the stone isn’t considered rare.  

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The Rarity of Colors

While most people are familiar with the stunning white or colorless diamond, the gem is actually available in a variety of hues. Yellow, brown, blue, red, green, and purple are just a few of the different shades in which you can purchase a diamond. 

Colored diamonds that occur in nature are unique. According to experts, colored diamonds make up only 2% of the diamond production. 


What Are Lab Diamonds and Are They As Good Mined Diamonds?

Have you ever wondered if eco-friendly diamonds exist? We’re pleased to report that the answer is yes. Lab diamonds are a man made version of natural diamonds, and they have the edge over mined diamonds for several reasons. 

  1. Lab diamonds are real diamonds. They have the exact same physical, optical, and chemical properties as their natural counterparts. 
  2. Lab diamonds can be created in a matter of days or weeks. This is opposed to natural diamonds which can take millions, even billions of years to materialize. 
  3. Lab diamonds are created in a controlled, laboratory environment, removing the need for diamond mines that are so massive they can even be seen from space. 
  4. Lab grown diamonds are growing in popularity. As a result, many well-reputed jewelers are already selling them. 
  5. Lab grown diamonds can be purchased at a price up to 80% less than mined diamonds, making them very attractive to the budget-conscious shopper.

It’s evident that the future belongs to lab grown, man made diamonds, and for good reason. So, if you want ethical or sustainable engagement rings and fine jewelry, lab grown diamonds are your best friend. 


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