Monthly Winner

Congratulations to this month's winner, Ashley R. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL!

"I'm a big jewelry fan. I work in high-end retail and don't want to break the bank when it comes to jewelry. That's one of the reasons I pick 12FIFTEEN over mined diamonds."

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Previous monthly winners:

Paul K. from Tallahassee, FL

(1/4 tcw) Petite Huggie Earrings

"I support 1215 Diamonds lab grown diamonds because it reduces the worldwide demand for diamonds that are obtained using mining methods that are destructive to the continent of Africa and its people.”

Emily B. from Fort Lee, NJ

(1/4 tcw) Petite Huggie Earrings

"I really like how you do the lab created diamonds, because it makes less of an environmental impact than mined diamonds, which is great.”

Kimberly T. from Washougal, WA

(.05 tcw) Bar Set Earrings

"12FIFTEEN Diamonds has an amazing team from designing to customer service. I’m so excited to receive the bar earrings as a prize winner!”

Bruce K. from Palm Bay, Florida

(1/4 tcw) Petite Huggie Earrings

"I am a very happy 12Fifteen Diamond customer, my wife loves her diamond, the Clarity is VS1, which was very important to me, eye clean, no visible inclusions. I saw a diamond at local jewelry store where I could see the inclusion from a foot away, no sparkle, no fire. She has received many complements, which makes me very proud. I always wanted to buy a nice 1 carat plus diamond for my wife and with 12Fifteen Diamonds, that was possible. Thank you and my wife thanks you, too!”

Patrick A. from Bellevue, WA

(1/4 tcw) Petite Huggie Earrings

"1215 has been overwhelmingly generous to my girlfriend (soon fiance) and me. I am thrilled with the beauty and quality of the ring I have custom designed. The meticulous detail and outstanding customer service make 1215 a no-brainer.”

Sheila C. from Bailey, CO

(1/4 tcw) Petite Huggie Earrings

"These earrings are absolutely perfect for every occasion. So beautiful. Thank you!”

Shannon G. from Bakersfield, CA

(1/4 tcw) Petite Huggie Earrings

"I love the quality and price that 12FIFTEEN Diamonds offers on their lab grown diamonds. Now I can afford to buy a larger and better quality diamond at a more affordable price. Thanks 12FIFTEEN Diamonds!”

Terri J. from Las Vegas, NV

(1/4 tcw) Petite Huggie Earrings

"The jewelry is beautiful, stylish and affordable. These earrings are just beautiful!”

Susan L. from Jamestown, NY

(1/4 tcw) Petite Huggie Earrings

"I’m so thrilled that I won. Thank you. I think the jewelry is tastefully designed and a great value.”

Kimberly C. from Frisco, TX

Shared Prong Hoop Earrings

"I'm so excited!”