Real life, dealt with.

How this works.

We sell only lab grown diamonds. We sell only pre-set rings.

That means, it’s all easy. We get a diamond, we assign it to a ring. You see it, you want it, you choose a metal, you buy it, we sell it, it’s gone. Get on a waiting list if you missed it and want something similar, or contact us and we’ll personally make sure we understand what you want and will do whatever it takes to you get what you want, when you need it.

Prices change because the diamonds change. The stone gets bigger and/or more perfect, it costs more. Metal costs change on the daily. Add to cart, pay for it or finance it and get it in about five days.

Lab grown fresh for you!

You want to buy a loose stone? Meaning, a stone without a ring? Sure. Click here for what we have available.

No smart company has hundreds of diamonds lying around. That’s millions of dollars in inventory and a huge security issue. It just doesn’t happen. Once a lab grown diamond gets big enough for a ring, we buy it, we set it, we sell it, pronto.

We do understand that sometimes people want a loose stone to put in an existing setting, like grandma’s ring. We’re totally OK with that, and we think grandma would be, too. Keep in mind that we sell stones that have already been cut, this is the Shop Loose Stones page of our website. If you’re looking for something specific and it’s not on the list, call us. It’s likely that we can get what you want with a little bit of time.

If you want help or need inspiration with what to do with your loose stone, check out Forever Artisans. They’ll make whatever you want but they won’t make it with mined stones, so don’t even ask. But they can help with modifying that existing ring you may need the stone for, or, creating a new ring based on the ring design you’ve seen someplace else. The folks at Forever Artisans are easy to work with and can help you source other man made stones beyond the single True Grown™ diamond you may be buying from us. Our other sister company (we’re triplets!), Diamond Nexus, offers Nexus Diamond™ Alternatives that are great for side stones, and also offers lab grown rubies, emeralds and sapphires that are chemically identical to mined stones but are also made in a lab.

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