17 Winter Wedding Themes for Your Happily Ever After

17 Winter Wedding Themes for Your Happily Ever After
17 Winter Wedding Themes for Your Happily Ever After

Table of Contents

  • 1. Choose a Cozy Venue
  • 2. Write a Creative Slogan
  • 3. Wear Long Sleeves
  • 4. Embrace the Snow


Looking for winter wedding ideas? Flowing gowns, chilly air, and snow falling in the background—there’s something so magical about winter weddings. And if you’re looking to plan a magical winter wedding yourself, you may be curious about popular winter themes and ideas to include. 

From cozy details to string lights and lab diamond wedding jewelry, there are so many enchanting details to choose from. We put together the top winter wedding themes to consider to inspire your big day plans.

Look at the 17 best winter wedding themes to inspire everything from your venue to your dress, jewelry, decor, and more! 

1. Choose a Cozy Venue

If there’s one thing on your mind when planning the perfect winter themed wedding, it’s finding a venue to match. Your wedding reception venue is where the special moments of your wedding will unfold, which means only the perfect place will do. 

When it comes to winter weddings, it’s a good idea to choose an indoor wedding reception venue to keep out the cold. But what’s a winter themed wedding without snow falling in the background? Consider a wedding venue with large windows so your guests can see the enchantment of winter while staying warm. 

2. Write a Creative Slogan

Why not embrace the winter season with a wedding theme to match? Surprise your guests with enchanting wedding decor that sparkles just like the snow outside. “Let it glow” will be the perfect slogan to pair with candles and fairy lights around your venue—not to mention that it will be a great wedding hashtag.

Write it on a sign or showcase it with a light-up sign on the wall of your venue to put a name to your enchanting winter wedding theme. 

3. Wear Long Sleeves

If there’s one downside to a winter wedding, it’s certainly the temperature. But don’t let the cold keep you from reaping the gorgeous benefits of a winter wedding. Instead, choose a wedding dress with long sleeves to keep you warm. 

Long sleeve wedding dresses not only keep you warm but are also a modern style that is sure to light up the room. 

4. Embrace the Snow

Snow falling outside is one of the most peaceful parts of the winter season, so you’ll want to take full advantage. Embrace the snow by bringing it inside! From cotton bouquets that look like snowballs to snowflakes decorating your venue, there are endless options. 

Your guests are sure to be impressed when they see the winter-inspired wedding decor at every corner. 

5. Get Festive

For a charming winter wedding ceremony or wedding vows renewal, go all-in on festive decor. Incorporate winter inflections like faux fur, gold accents, and bright charms around your wedding venue. Don’t forget the Christmas-inspired pieces! 

Plaid drapery will give your venue a cozy feeling. Plus, spice-inspired cocktails will have your guests enjoying the season. This will create a cohesive winter vibe that embodies the simple pleasures of the season. 

6. Incorporate Fir

The look and scent of fir are one of the most common themes in winter. From the enchanting look of snow-covered fir as table accents to the scent of fir in the air, you can’t go wrong however you incorporate it. 

If your wedding is partially outside, don’t hesitate to create a fir archway or accent your walkways with bushels of fir to pave the way. 

7. Use Seasonal Place Settings

Place settings are the perfect piece to add subtle touches of winter themes. Embroider your name cards with flourishes of pine or berries to add popular winter colors to the tables. 

From tablecloths to centerpieces, you can choose subtle, yet seasonal, detailing to spread your color theme across each little detail.  

8. Go Bold

If subtle isn’t your thing, don’t be afraid to go bold with your winter-inspired inflections. From a dark red lip to bold bouquets and dark blue accents, there are endless options to make your winter wedding oh-so-bold. 

You can also add boldness to your wedding day look by choosing a dazzling dress with sparkling inflections that match your lab diamond wedding jewelry or anniversary bands

9. Decorate With Lights

If there’s one thing that’s the most popular across all winter weddings, it’s the string fairy lights that illuminate your special night. Winter weddings are known to be studded with lights of all different kinds. 

Hang string lights on the ceiling to resemble the twinkling winter sky, add lanterns for a unique table accent, or candles to embody the cozy vibe of winter.

10. Mix In Dried Flowers

When you think of winter, you think of dark flowers dried in spiced scents. These flowers can be added to just about any wedding accent to accentuate the winter feel. 

Add dried flowers around your table centerpieces for a pop of color or in your bridal bouquet for a unique winter accent. 

11. Serve Up Hot Drinks

Sure, cold winter cocktails are common, but for those who dare to be different, serve up hot drinks. Hot toddies, coffee and baileys, and spiked apple cider will all be a refreshing and cozy drink that everyone will love. 

To make it even more special, offer a hot and cold bar to accentuate your options and cater to everyone. 

12. Opt for dark, muted colors

Winter weddings are known for their dark and romantic colors. After all, winter is full of dried leaves, deep greens and reds, and the muted outdoor colors of the season’s foliage. 

To showcase your winter color scheme, choose a dark color palette with muted inflections. Wedding colors like moss, ivory, blush, and eucalyptus will look stunning in person and on camera. 

13. Use Velvet Accents

When you think of winter, you often think of the cozy and comfortable materials and textures you surround yourself with to stay warm. Bring these textures to your venue by using velvet accents. 

Velvet can be added as drapery or to tables for both a pop of texture and color to break up neutrals and enhance the winter vibe. 

14. Eat By Candlelight

Candles are a winter favorite for many. And there’s nothing more romantic than eating by candlelight. Candles create a dim and enchanting vibe that can’t be beaten. 

Decorate your tables with tall tapers and jars for an eclectic candle look. Or, for an even bolder vibe, hang rustic candle chandeliers above each table. 

15. Incorporate Twig

Dried twigs are an easy winter accent piece that you can use throughout all of your wedding decor accents. Twigs can be added to your bouquets to add a winter accent, on tables to accentuate your centerpieces, or even in your hair for a unique addition. 

Not only can twigs be incorporated almost anywhere, but they also pair with any winter color palette which makes them a no-brainer for any winter wedding. 

16. Use Royal Blue Details

For a winter accent around your venue that doubles as your something blue, incorporate royal blue into your color palette. Royal blue has an enchanting feel to it that can be your bold pop of color around your venue. 

Not only does it look stunning, but royal blue makes a perfect something blue. Choose blue shoes or sapphire wedding jewelry to add a touch of blue to your wedding day look. 

17. Choose Winter-Inspired Jewelry

If there’s one thing that you don’t want to overlook, it’s winter-inspired sustainable jewelry. Your wedding day accents will accentuate your enchanting wedding dress and add stunning sparkle that will draw all eyes to you. Winter jewelry is typically bolder than summer or fall jewelry and can be set with lab grown diamonds for a more affordable look with the same diamond sparkle you know and love. 

Choose a chunky diamond tennis bracelet to accent your wrist, bold hoop earrings to accentuate your hair and a petal necklace that doubles as a beautiful snowflake. However you mix and match your wedding day jewelry, choose 12FIFTEEN for diamond jewelry that’s both affordable and eco-conscious. 

Don’t forget to shop for your 1st wedding anniversary jewelry, too!

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