What Your Diamond Ring Shape Says About You

Table of Contents

  • Round: You Are Classic
  • Oval: You Are On the Move
  • Cushion: You Love Old Time Glamor
  • Princess: You are Living Your Best Life


There are so many choices to consider when you are picking the right engagement ring. Maybe you have already decided you want conflict-free lab diamonds and you have an idea of where your ring should rank in terms of carat, clarity, color and quality. But have you decided what shape your diamond should be? Every diamond has a specific shape (or silhouette) and facet pattern which determines the amount of sparkle it emits.

What does the shape of a diamond symbolize?

Is it a message you’d like to shout across the rooftops (or at least every time you enter a room and your beautiful diamond turns heads)? Is it a thoughtful, private thought between you and your fiance?

Keep reading to learn more about what your diamond ring shape says about your personality.

Popular diamond shapes

Round: You Are Classic

The round diamond shape is exactly what it sounds like: round. This is the most popular engagement ring style and can be seen in almost every setting style available. The phrase “round brilliant” may also be used, which refers to the Ideal facet pattern it features. This means it has excellent shine and brilliance compared to every other shape.

You may like round diamonds if you aren’t keen on the idea of following short-sighted trends. You probably have a capsule wardrobe and know classic, timeless pieces when you see them.

Oval: You Are On the Move

Oval diamonds are similar to round diamonds but have a super convenient upgrade: their elongated shape allows them to appear larger than they actually are. This is due to the fact that they have a larger surface area than other stones of the same carat weight. So while they appear larger, you can purchase them at a much lower price. Along with this added perk, oval diamonds are much trendier than classic shapes but are still timeless enough to wear for years to come.

You may like an oval diamond engagement ring if you’re a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to rock a bit of sparkle wherever you go.

Popular diamond shapes

Cushion: You Love Old Time Glamor

Cushion shapes, often associated with antique or vintage jewelry, are diamonds that look square but the corners are rounded off. It’s a cross between an “old mine” cut diamond and “modern oval” cut diamond. These days, we also call it a “pillow” cut and the light it casts is less bawdy than other diamonds in the square or rectangle family. In fact, the oldest rings were designed before electricity so they are sometimes called “candlelight” cut diamonds. Cushion diamonds tend to sparkle more than other square counterparts (crushed ice flicker versus hall-of-mirrors shine).

You may like cushion style diamonds if you go to the local film festival every year and you think online DNA tests are fascinating. There’s so much family history there!

Princess: You are Living Your Best Life

The princess shape is the second most popular diamond style, following the round shape. This ring is square cut and retains the pointed corners. It is just as bright and brilliant as round cut engagement rings, but feels a bit more modern and tends to be more affordable. They are easier to afford because the carat weight isn’t cut off as much as round diamonds during the shaping process. After all, the corners aren’t shaved off: you start off with a big diamond, you end up with a big diamond. Modern princess diamonds also have this symmetrically-pleasing X in its center reflections.

You may like princess shape diamonds if you have an impressive vision board at home. You have goals in your professional and personal life and you love knocking them out.

Popular diamond shapes

Pear: You Do You, Kid

Pear-shaped rings are like if a round and marquise had a baby—it’s round at the bottom and tapered or pointed at the top. Or bottom. Or side. Or however you want the ring to point. Either way, this shape is unique, off-beat and hard to find. Also, note that it is hard for jewelers to create a pear diamond that is cut correctly. Look for perfect symmetry tuned to the tip of the diamond and curves in all the right places. It should never feel flat or cornered. When you get the rock into the setting, take extra precaution for the pointed end. Correctly placed prongs should protect the tip from getting scratched, loosened or chipped. And, like any oblong diamond, check it for dark bow-tie effects.

So what does a pear shaped engagement ring say about you? You may like pear-shaped diamonds if your Spotify playlists confuse your friends. You march to the beat of your own drum and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Emerald: You Are an Open Book

Emerald-shaped diamonds are rectangle gems where the corners are cropped off. The top of the diamond presents a long, flat plane so you can clearly see the bold angles beneath. From top-down, you can almost see stairs or steps on the sides. It creates long lines and beautiful mirrors.

You may like emerald cut engagement rings if you are a confident woman who knows the key to success is poise, purpose and staying hydrated (if we’re being totally honest).

Popular diamond shapes

Marquise: You Like a Little Drama

Marquise cut rings have diamonds that are long, narrow and pointed at both the top and the bottom. It’s a bold shape and, like the oval and pear diamond, features an elongated shape that makes it look larger. They can be named, somewhat literally, “football” shaped or “eye” shaped. More elegantly, they can also be called “navette” diamonds, which means “little ship” in French. Rumors say an 18th Century king commissioned a jeweler to create a style of diamond that looked like his mistress’ perfect lips. Sumptuous, right?

You may like the marquise style diamond if you look forward to family holidays because there is always something juicy going on.

Asscher: You Are Versatile

The Asscher shaped diamond has been around in many forms for a very long time. It’s another square-cut diamond with cropped or softened corners. Royal Asscher diamonds have 74 facets and wide corners—it’s the only diamond cut that’s considered octagonal. Classic Asscher diamonds have 58 facets and a precise length-to-width ratio—it’s a perfect square, but usually has more clarity than a cushion style diamond. Modern Asscher diamonds have 58 facets but reflect like a bright, emerald cut diamond (you can see its steps). The prong, too, can influence the style and shape of its appearance.

You may like the Asscher style diamond if you are pretty adaptable. Your friends probably turn to you if they need help finding the perfect day-to-night shoes to wear on Friday.

Popular diamond shapes

Radiant: You are a Modern Warrior

The radiant shaped diamond is another square or rectangle that has cropped corners. The angles or facets are cut in a brilliant style on both the crown (above the girdle) and pavilion (below the girdle), rather than offering a step pattern. It’s the most durable diamond shape on the list because it’s not likely to get chipped or snagged and, much like life, it only gets better with more support. The right facets will actually make this bad boy shine brighter.

You may like the radiant shaped engagement rings if you want a shape that’s both stunning and durable enough for everyday wear.

Heart: You’re Cheesy and You Know It

The heart-shaped diamond ring is, you guessed it, shaped like a heart. It begins with a pear-shaped diamond then it’s cut further into a more complex shape. Remember how we said the pear-shaped diamond was rare and required serious skills to create? That’s especially true of the heart-shaped diamond. The french tip at the bottom and the sharp cleft at the top require skill and precision. Meanwhile, the left and the right must be perfectly symmetric. That makes this diamond very rare and a tremendous gift.

You may like the heart shape if you can quote Pride and Prejudice and you’re not even ashamed.

But in all seriousness, no matter which diamond cut grade you choose, your diamond ring shape will likely take on its own special meaning that’s unique to you and your loved one.

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