What Is an Eternity Band? FAQ Guide

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Diamond Eternity Band?
  • Diamond Eternity Band vs. Diamond Eternity Ring
  • Full Eternity Rings vs. Half Eternity Rings
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Eternity Bands


Just as your love is unique, so is the stunning design of eternity bands. Whether you choose diamonds or colorful birthstones, eternity bands emit maximum sparkle. 

Though their look is what draws people to eternity rings, they are also steeped in rich history and symbolism. This makes them even more precious when considering a wedding band or engagement ring

We’ve put together an in-depth guide to eternity bands. From the history, to full vs. half eternity rings, frequently asked questions and every in-between, let’s dig into everything you need to know about eternity bands.

What Is a Diamond Eternity Band?

An eternity band—also referred to as an infinity ring—is a ring that is set with diamonds or gemstones around the entire shank in a continuous line. Since a diamond eternity ring features a continuous line of stones, it’s said to symbolize never-ending love. 

An eternity ring is a stunning adornment for those looking for a flashy style to wear as an engagement ring, ladies’ wedding band or right-hand ring. Its versatility provides endless options for precious metal types like rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. 

Diamond Eternity Band vs. Diamond Eternity Ring

The terms eternity band and eternity ring are used interchangeably, though there are some slight differences. 

  • An eternity band is a shank featuring a continuous line of the stone of your choice. It is worn as a wedding band to pair with an engagement ring. Eternity bands match well with both flashy and simple engagement rings for whatever style you’re looking for. 
  • An eternity ring is also a shank featuring a continuous line of the stone of your choice. The difference between the two terms is that an eternity ring can mean both a wedding ring and right-hand ring. 

Full Eternity Rings vs. Half Eternity Rings

While a traditional eternity ring is called a full eternity ring, a half eternity ring features stones on only half of the shank. A full eternity ring usually comes to mind when consumers think of the eternity style. This is for good reason as the full style is most popular. 

But that’s not the only style eternity rings come in. Many consumers prefer half eternity rings. While a half eternity ring features stunning stones on the top, the bottom is sleek metal, creating a more comfortable everyday wear. Then again, half eternity rings are also more affordable. Whatever style you prefer, it’s guaranteed to be the most stunning adornment on your hand. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Eternity Bands

Now that know what an eternity band is, you may be wondering about the most important facts about them, including how to choose the right ring with the 4 Cs of Diamonds. From how to wear eternity rings to the history and resizing facts, we’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions about the eternity band. 

Once you understand the answers to these popular questions, you’ll be ready to choose the right ring for your situation. 

What Is the History of Diamond Eternity Bands?

Eternity rings trace back 4,000 years ago. Specifically, to the ancient Egyptians who wore them as a token of eternal love. Contrary to the modern-day look of eternity rings, original eternity rings were crafted from more modest materials. These consisted of braided reeds, carved bone, and, in some cases, metal. As you can imagine, they looked quite different from today’s rings.

Though the appearance of eternity rings has changed over the decades, the meaning behind them has not. With their continuous pattern, they have always been the perfect adornment to symbolize the bond of two people and the never-ending love you share. 

What Is the Meaning of Diamond Eternity Rings?

Many wonder what an eternity band means. Eternity rings are steeped in symbolism which is what makes them such a popular wedding band style. The continuous line of stones along the shank symbolizes the everlasting love you share with your partner. In other words, an eternity of love.

Eternity rings can be worn as a wedding band or right-hand ring, making them perfect for every special occasion. They make great anniversary gifts when stacked together, and can even be given on occasions like the birth of a child. 

The meaning behind diamond eternity rings is a unique one, which is why they should be given to those close to your heart.

What Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Ring On?

Many wonder how to properly wear a ladies’ wedding band. Eternity rings are most commonly worn on the left-hand ring finger as a wedding band or diamond engagement ring—though they are also commonly worn on the right hand as a fashion ring. 

The purpose behind an eternity ring will inform which finger you wear it on. For something as special as a wedding anniversary, you may wear it on your right-hand ring finger as its own stack for each decade of marriage. But those who wear it as a wedding band should wear it on their left-hand ring finger. 

What Diamond Shapes Do Eternity Bands Come In?

Since eternity bands are finely crafted with a continuous line of stones, there are limitations to the stone shapes available and which of the 4 Cs is most important. Classic diamond shapes like round and oval are the most popular for eternity rings. That said, other, more unique shapes, like emerald and marquise can also be set in an eternity band if done carefully. 

The most commonly sought after eternity band diamond shapes include:

  • Round Cut: Round is the most popular diamond shape set in an eternity setting or halo engagement ring. This is because round diamonds sparkle the most brilliantly and look captivating when set in a continuous line. 
  • Oval Cut: Oval stones differ slightly from round brilliant stones as they are more elongated. For that reason, oval stones are set east to west in an eternity band setting, giving a more modern look. 
  • Marquise Cut: Though similar in appearance to ovals, marquise diamonds come to a more dramatic point, giving the appearance of more metal in between each stone. 
  • Emerald Cut: While not nearly as common as the others, some wearers love the look of east-west set emerald diamonds or baguette stones in an eternity band. This shape looks like linking rectangles when set in a line. 

No matter the stone shape you choose, an eternity band will look captivating worn for any occasion.

Can You Resize an Eternity Band?

Due to the continuous line of diamonds and the delicacy of the prongs, it can be hard to resize an eternity band. For that reason, many jewelers don’t offer resizing on eternity rings. This makes it so important to get an accurate ring size before purchasing an eternity band. 

While there are at-home techniques such as the string and finger method, you’ll get the most accurate size at a jeweler. This way you can be confident you won’t need a resizing later on. If you do run into an issue and you need to get your eternity band resized, reach out to your jeweler to see if it’s possible. At 12FIFTEEN, we provide one free ring exchange for eternity bands. 

How Much Does an Eternity Band Cost?

The average eternity ring varies significantly in price, $1,000-$50,000 in fact. Cost varies depending on the jeweler you get it from, the type of stone you choose and the stone shape you prefer. While diamond eternity bands may cost more than birthstone rings, there are ways you can get more bang for your buck. 

For starters, choose lab created diamonds when looking for a diamond eternity band. Lab diamonds are exactly the same optically, chemically and physically compared to mined diamonds, but cost a fraction of the price. 

Purchasing your eternity band online can also reduce the cost of your ring. This is because online jewelers are able to cut out the middle man, significantly lowering prices. If budget is an issue, you can also choose lab diamond simulants to save even more money. While chemically different, they offer a similar look and wear without breaking the bank. 

Is An Eternity Band Right For You?

The answer to whether an eternity band is right for you depends on your situation and your jewelry preference. Beyond special occasions, it’s also important to consider the flashy style before committing to the look. 

The eternity ring is a great choice for those who love glitzy accessories. Though, for those who prefer a more simple style, an eternity band might not be the best option. Keep in mind you can always opt for a half eternity band if you like the sparkle but want a more modest approach to the style. 

If you’re still not sure if an eternity band is right for you, reach out. Our jewelry experts can help choose the right adornment for your unique situation.

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