What is a Marquise Diamond?

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  • A Quick History of Marquise Diamonds
  • Marquise Diamond Face-Up Size
  • Price of Marquise Diamonds
  • Other Things to Know About Marquise Diamonds


A classic shape with a royal pedigree, the marquise diamond exudes prestige and grace wherever it’s set.  It can be found in a marquise diamond engagement ring, a wedding ring, earrings, and even in a diamond necklace.

But what is a marquise diamond? 

Marquise diamonds are a type of diamond shape that is crafted into an oval with pointed ends. 

Still having trouble picturing the shape? Start with the image of a teardrop. The tip of a teardrop has a pointed end while the bottom is rounded. Instead of one pointed end and one rounded end, a marquise cut diamond has two pointed ends and is more elongated in shape. This cut creates a more vertical aesthetic and, as a result, a stunning and elegant jewel. But there’s more to marquise diamonds than just their shape.

Calm Marquise Cut Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold

A Quick History of Marquise Diamonds

So why does the marquise diamond have a name that seemingly has no relationship to its shape? The blame can be placed on French King Louis XV. He was the first to request this particular shape in the 1700s. His inspiration? Romance, of course. He specifically requested jewelers create a diamond shape to resemble the lips of his mistress. 

Later, after the shape was refined, it was given the French name of marquise, a title of French nobility. In France, a marquise is a rank just below the rank of duke.

Marquise Diamond Face-Up Size

Once you’ve seen a marquise diamond, its slim, striking shape becomes unforgettable. If you’re hunting for a marquise diamond for yourself or a loved one, there’s more to consider than just its famous silhouette—you should also factor in the diamond’s size and weight.  

When talking about diamond size, there are two terms you need to be familiar with:

  • Carat weight – Often confused as a size measurement, carats are a measure of the diamond’s weight. Stones with higher carat weights will certainly start larger, but depending on the shape, may actually end up appearing smaller than you may expect.
  • Face-up size – This is how the diamond will appear when you look at it. Certain shapes will appear smaller or larger than others even though the carat weights of the stones are the same.

Essentially, different face-up sizes show carat weights differently. Face-up size is a measurement where marquise diamonds outpace other shapes. 

The face-up size of a marquise diamond is larger than all other fancy shapes, such as an asscher cut diamond or cushion, and even higher than round diamonds. When it comes to showing off your diamond’s carat weight, marquise diamonds are the top choice.

Price of Marquise Diamonds

With a large face-up size comes a large price tag. While all fancy shapes will be less expensive than round brilliant diamonds, the marquise tends to be at the high end of the fancy diamonds. 

When looking at price comparison, a marquise diamond tends to be similar to a heart shaped diamond.

If you are looking to find less expensive marquise diamonds, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • 4Cs – The 4Cs of Diamond Quality are cut, color, clarity, and carat. These will affect your diamond’s price more than the shape. Sacrificing a little on the 4Cs may bring down the price of your marquise diamond to something more palatable.
  • Lab Grown Diamonds – Diamonds grown in a lab, like the diamonds at 12IFIFTEEN, have the same physical, chemical, and optical qualities as diamonds mined from the earth. So what are the big differences between lab grown vs mined diamonds? The financial and ethical benefits. Lab grown diamonds don’t contribute to the degradation of the earth. They are also a more economical choice. 

Other Things to Know About Marquise Diamonds

If this diamond shape is one that shines for you, there are a few things you should know before heading out to buy one:

Five Stone Marquise Anniversary Band in 18K White Gold
  • Aesthetic – Thanks to its unique shape, a marquise diamond ring naturally elongates the finger, creating an elegant slimness. The long shape also helps maximize the diamond’s own size, creating the illusion that the stone is larger than it is. 
  • Length-to-width ratio – The ideal length-to-width ratio of a marquise shaped diamond will ultimately be up to personal taste, but you will likely want to stay within the range of 1.7 to 2.2. Lower ratios may result in a stone that looks strangely fat. Larger ratios can affect how your stone interacts with light and limit its brilliance.
  • Color – Marquise diamonds can hide some discoloration in your stone, but you may start seeing a yellowish tint near the edges if you opt for too low a color grade.
  • Clarity – The marquise diamond does a good job of hiding inclusions in your stone. With a magnifying glass, you’ll still be able to see blemishes, but if you’re looking to save money, a stone with some inclusions will not be overly noticeable in this shape.
  • Bow tie effect – Marquise diamonds do suffer from the bow tie effect, which refers to a dark spot in the shape of a man’s bow tie that appears at the center of the stone. A higher cut grade can minimize this effect, but if you’re sensitive to it, this may not be the diamond cut for you.
  • Chipping – The pointed edges of the marquise shaped diamond do put this shape at a higher risk for chipping. Knowing yourself and how likely you are to chip or snag a ring will help you gauge how much of a concern this should be. You can also have your diamond set with prongs at each point to protect against chipping.

Explore Marquise Diamonds at 12FIFTEEN Diamonds

Now that you know more about marquise diamonds, does it sound like the stone for you? If so, be sure to check out all the beautiful lab grown marquise diamonds we have at 12FIFTEEN Diamonds. We offer you only the best quality and best cut diamonds at prices a fraction of what mined diamonds will cost. So, if you’re looking for your perfect stone, look no further than 12FIFTEEN.


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