10 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

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  • Classic Men’s Wedding Rings
  • 1. White gold
  • 2. Tungsten
  • 3. Solitaire


While engagement rings seem to take all the spotlight, that’s not the only ring you’ll need before the big day. Wedding bands are also star players when it comes to meaningful adornments. In fact, wedding bands are even more symbolic than engagement rings as they represent the actual wedding ceremony. 

Obsidian Grooved Wedding Band, Silver Tungsten

If you’re in search of the right men’s wedding band before the big day, you may be curious as to which styles you can choose from. You may be surprised to find out that are dozens of unique designs to consider depending on your jeweler of choice. 

From different precious metals to subtle flourishes like metalwork and wood, we’ve put together a guide to the most unique men’s wedding bands to help inform your decision. 

Classic Men’s Wedding Rings

From traditional metal types to solitaire stunners, there are a few classic men’s wedding ring styles that you don’t want to overlook. Classic men’s wedding rings offer a simple design with understated accents like cool tones and minimal sparkle to stand out.  

We put together a few of the most popular rings to consider when shopping for a classic men’s wedding band.

1. White gold

Sure gold might seem like a traditional option, but the color white has become more popular in recent years. White gold men’s wedding bands make a great option for those looking for an understated look that matches everything.

White gold is made of gold and additional metal alloys that give it a white appearance. White gold is typically coated in rhodium to give it a significant sheen. This is important to note as white gold rings will need to be redipped in rhodium to keep their luster over time. 

2. Tungsten

Unlike the popular gold variety of wedding bands, tungsten is a new style that is becoming increasingly popular for men’s rings. A tungsten wedding band can come in a variety of hues including silvery-white and black tungsten. 

Men’s tungsten wedding rings are made of tungsten carbide which is a hard metal compound. It’s so hard in fact, that it’s even stronger than titanium, making it the best unique wedding band option when looking at durability. 

3. Solitaire

For those looking for a super unique men’s wedding band, a solitaire style might be for you. Unlike traditional men’s rings which feature little to no sparkle, a solitaire style features a center stone such as white topaz vs. diamond.

Solitaire lab grown diamond wedding band styles can feature anything from a large center stone, in diamond shape like round brilliant and Asscher, to a simple and modest stone for an understated look. Either way, this style is great for those looking for a little added flair. 

4. Matte

A classic men’s wedding band tends to be made from metal with a natural sheen. This makes the metal look glossy. Now, there’s a style for those who want their ring to showcase less sheen. 

Matte Comfort Fit Wedding Band, 14K Rose Gold

Matte men’s wedding bands feature a brushed metal look which produces a fogged appearance. This is a great option for those who want a simple style with added texture. 

5. Comfort fit

One of the most popular traits that men look for in a wedding ring is comfortability. After all, you’ll be wearing it every day and you don’t want it bothering you. This is what makes comfort fit rings such a popular option. 

The advantages of a comfort fit ring are that it slides over the knuckle easier and it creates less friction since it covers less skin surface area. Comfort fit engagement rings come in a variety of designs so you can pick the style that fits your personality. 

Modern Men’s Wedding Rings

Just as women choose their ring design based on their style preference, the same goes for men. When traditional just won’t do, try on the top modern designs for size.

While you can’t go wrong with classic styles, some men want a little modern flair to their everyday accessories. A modern men’s wedding ring offers more noticeable design accents that tie in current trends, like metalwork and edge designs. 

6. Meteorite

Of all the modern men’s ring styles, the meteorite is the most out of this world. Meteorite custom rings are made by inlaying Gibeon Meteorite into rings made of materials such as titanium, Damascus steel, and gold. 

Meteorite rings feature a rough surface which gives them added textural design. Some styles also feature a speckled or patterned design to give them added allure. 

7. Beveled edge

The beveled edge unique wedding ring resembles a classic style with a modern edge—quite literally. The bevel features three faces, unlike a traditional mens wedding ring which have one continuous outer surface. This appears as a slanted edge on either side of the shank. 

This subtle difference adds a simple yet unique wedding ring element to create a modern look. Beveled edge custom rings come in a variety of precious metal types and are comfortable for everyday wear. 

8. Black zirconium

When traditional colors aren’t your thing, go with a black zirconium style. Black zirconium is the darkest metal available, producing an extremely dark black or grey hue.

Some black zirconium rings are etched with a design, and because of their dark color, add a subtle design element to create a more unique style. Zirconium has a high resistance to corrosion, meaning it’s durable enough for a forever ring. 

9. Wood inlay

Many men love the concept of adding a bit of KOA wood, vintage whiskey barrel wood, or antler detailing to their wedding ring or even their engagement ring. And since all-wood wedding rings wouldn’t be durable enough for everyday wear, wood inlay rings are the perfect wedding band compromise. 

Wood inlay wedding rings feature a wooden accent such as a strip on the outer band or on the inside of the shank. This gives your wood ring a two-toned look while incorporating a modern element of natural elements. 

10. Milgrain

If sparkle isn’t your thing but you like the idea of textured metalwork, a milgrain wedding ring or engagement ring might be for you. Milgrain is tiny dots made of metal that are styled on the edges of men’s rings or around stones to add a touch of elegance. 

Milgrain rings can be designed in different ways, giving you the option to find a look that matches your everyday style. Whether made of gold, titanium, or tungsten, a milgrain wedding ring will be the perfect piece to symbolize your marriage. 

FAQs About Men’s Wedding Bands

Now that you know the most unique men’s wedding band styles, you might be wondering which one is the best and how exactly to pick one out. While your style should be based on your unique preference, there are some dos and don’ts when finding the perfect ring.

We put together a few of the most frequently asked questions about men’s wedding bands to help you on your shopping journey. 

What Is the Best Type of Wedding Band for a Man?

While the best type of wedding band will depend on individual preference, there are good, better and best when it comes to materials. Overall, tungsten is a great type of men’s wedding band as it’s one of the most durable, is scratch-resistant, won’t bend, and comes in a variety of options like black and white. 

Obsidian Grooved Wedding Band, Blue Tungsten

Tungsten is around 10 times harder than 18k gold and 4 times as hard as titanium. This makes it the superior option for men who work with their hands on a daily basis. 

While tungsten might be the best type of men’s wedding ring, that doesn’t mean it’s the most popular. Just like women’s wedding bands, gold bands are the most popular when it comes to men’s wedding rings. 

This is because gold comes in a variety of colors including white, yellow and rose gold. While gold is more malleable than tungsten, it’s still a durable metal that will stand the test of time if cared for properly. 

Does the Man Pick Out His Wedding Band?

Many couples wonder who buys and picks out the wedding bands before the big day. The truth is, there is no simple answer. Every couple does things a little differently, so the best way to find out is to discuss it with your partner. 

Most men prefer to have some say in the design of their wedding band—after all, they’ll be wearing it every day. But shopping for the perfect wedding band together can be a great way to bond and get excited before the big day.

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