A Guide to Simple Engagement Rings

Table of Contents

  • How To Shop for Simple Engagement Rings
  • Focus on the Stone
  • Choose an Understated Setting
  • Style It with a Simple Wedding Band


If your significant other has classic and sophisticated style, or wears minimalist jewelry, or has hinted that they would like a simple engagement ring, you are in the right place. We understand there can be a lot of pressure on the engagement ring; not only is it an extremely valuable piece of jewelry but extremely significant in meaning as well. Plus, there is usually some element of surprise surrounding it. Not to worry, we will help you find the ideal lab grown diamond engagement ring to pop the question with a ring that they will surely love. 

How To Shop for Simple Engagement Rings

When it comes to style preferences, some people prefer a simple band over a unique engagement ring with diamond accents. Simple wedding rings are a perfect combination of a stunning center stone, an understated ring setting, and a complementary wedding band. Follow these tips to build a stunning, yet simple, engagement ring for your special someone.  

Focus on the Stone

Simple diamond rings are all about the diamond at the center of it all. If you prioritize the quality of the stone, you can’t go wrong. There are four main characteristics of a diamond’s quality that you should familiarize yourself with before shopping whether you’re looking for an oval cut diamond, an emerald cut diamond, or anything in between. They are called the 4Cs: cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. Once you understand the 4Cs and how slight variations in each can dramatically affect the cost of the stone, you will be better prepared to select a show-stopper for your soon-to-be fiancé’s minimalist engagement ring. 

Another important element of diamond quality that isn’t one of the 4Cs is how the diamond is made. The business of diamond mining is shady at best, which means a diamond you choose could come with a negative impact on both the environment and humanity. Shop with a clear conscience by shopping lab grown diamonds, which are chemically and visually identical to mined diamonds but free from the unethical practices that plague the mined diamond industry

Buying a lab grown diamond will also help you save money, which means you can afford a higher quality stone that will stun your significant other. At 12FIFTEEN Diamonds, you can select your perfect lab grown diamond from thousands of ethically sourced diamonds, comparing their cut, clarity, carat weight, and color to ensure you find the ideal stone for your engagement ring.

Choose an Understated Setting

After you have chosen the diamond you feel comfortable purchasing and are confident will shine brilliantly as the center point of your fiance’s engagement ring, you can select the setting to complement it. The setting will have a major impact on the overall ring style. When shopping for simple engagement rings, it’s crucial to remember that less is more. You already selected a magnificent stone, so don’t be swayed by the sparkly and ornate settings if that’s not what your partner wants. A simple ring requires an understated setting that lets the accent diamond shine. 

A solitaire setting is the simplest wedding ring setting, by far. It can consist of a solid metal band in yellow gold, platinum, or rose gold, or a band set with pavé diamonds. The beauty of this choice is that it draws all of the attention to the diamond, which, if you followed our advice above, is remarkable. 

Another option for a simple setting is a three stone setting. To keep this option understated, be sure to select accent diamond side stones that are significantly smaller than the center stone so as not to detract from its beauty, such as baguettes or trillions. 

A bezel is another simple ring setting that is as beautiful as it is simple. It consists of a simple metal band in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, typically. The metal extends from the band to surround the center stone, protecting it from all sides for a modern, unique, and simple finished look. 

Style It with a Simple Wedding Band

Choosing a wedding band is something you and your fiancé can tackle together once you have popped the question, but if you did your job well and selected a simple engagement ring, styling it with a matching band will be easy. Whether you go for a simple diamond band or a solid gold band, this decision will impact the look of your minimalist engagement ring. There are a variety of wedding bands that can go with a solitaire setting, three stone setting, or bezel setting. For instance, if you chose a wedding ring band with pavé diamonds, a simple metal wedding band in the same, or a contrasting metal will look chic and modern set next to it. 
Another benefit to choosing a simple engagement ring is that the wedding band can be interchangeable. Depending on your partner’s style, they may choose a classic pavé band, or they may choose a band with a unique shape or character such as this twisted pavé band, but they don’t have to choose just one. Over the years, they can complement the simple style of their engagement ring with a variety of wedding bands that keep it fresh and current.

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