How to Figure Out Ring Size

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  • Follow These Tips for Measuring 
  • Try These At-Home Tricks
  • How to convert your measurements
  • Visit a Local Jewelry Store


Have you ever felt hesitant to buy a beautiful ring because you weren’t sure of your ring size? You may have even purchased a ring on a whim, assuming it would fit, only to have it slip off in the bathroom sink. Don’t worry—you’re not alone. 

After looking through types of engagement ring cuts, and engraving ideas, identifying your perfect ring size can get you one step closer to finding a precious piece of jewelry to last you a lifetime. Luckily, many simple methods can provide you with accurate ring size. Whether you prefer a professional opinion or an at-home hack, you can clear up this measurement mystery once and for all. 

Follow along to learn exactly how to figure out your ring size. That way, you can stop window shopping and start treating yourself to the real deal. 

Follow These Tips for Measuring 

When measuring your fingers, you should follow specific procedures to ensure the most accurate results possible. You’ll want to consider factors such as bloating, muscle relaxation, and time of day if you want each measurement to be as precise as possible. 

Although you may not notice much fluctuation in your finger width, it can often happen without you noticing. Even the slightest change in your fingers could significantly affect your ring size measurements. 

To make sure you receive accurate results, consider the following when you measure your ring size:

  • Time of day – Like the rest of our bodies, fingers tend to fluctuate in size throughout the day. We recommend measuring your fingers at night when they’re typically at their largest.
  • Finger temperature – Cold temperatures can cause your fingers to shrink slightly in size. Before measuring them, make sure your hands are at room temperature. If not, run them under warm water first.
  • Dominant vs. non-dominant hand – When taking measurements, you’ll need to consider which finger you’re planning on pairing with a ring. Not only will ring size vary depending on which finger you measure (pointer finger vs. ring finger, for example) it can also vary depending on which hand you’re measuring. The fingers on your dominant hand are generally larger due to their increased dexterity. Therefore, you should measure both fingers to identify any discrepancy between the two before committing to one ring size. 
  • Diet – If you’ve eaten a lot of salt in the past few days, it may be best to save measuring your fingers for another day. Salt can cause our bodies (and fingers) to bloat somewhat substantially. Consider drinking some water to help flush out your system and try measuring another day. 
  • Knuckle size – While the essential sizing factor comes from your fingers’ width, don’t forget to consider your knuckles. If, for example, your knuckles have a larger width than your fingers, you may have difficulty putting a ring on or taking it off. Practice caution by sizing up if your knuckles seem too large to accommodate a snug-fitting ring. 

Try These At-Home Tricks

Various methods can provide you with your ring size measurements—many of which you can perform in the comfort of your home. 

While just one of these at-home methods can give you an accurate reading, you may want to try out multiple. Directly comparing and contrasting the results can ensure you have the most precise reading possible. 

Give it a whirl with these simple ring measurement size tricks:

  • Get a ring sizer – You can order a ring sizer online or print one out. A ring sizer offers a simple measurement strategy. Simply wrap the sizer around your finger, adjust it to fit snugly, and take note of the number marker. Most ring sizers will have the ring size as the markers, so you won’t need to convert it on your own. 
  • Try a ring size kit – While most kits come with a ring sizer, they also come with trial rings for you to try. Gain some insight into how the size designated on the number marker feels when placed on your finger. You can even experiment with half-sizes, making sure your knuckle isn’t obtrusive in any way. This well-rounded method covers all the bases and may provide you with a confidence boost for your next trip to the jewelry store. 
  • Measure an existing ring – You can also purchase (or print) a true-to-life ring size chart. With a chart like this, you can take any existing rings that fit you well and measure them in a snap. Line up your ring with the circles on the chart and compare until you find one that matches up the closest. 
  • Tie a string around your finger – If you’re not interested in opting for traditional ring size measurement tools, not to worry. All you need for this method is a ruler and a string of your choice. You could even use dental floss or paper. Wrap the string around your finger, then use a pen to mark where the string overlaps. After that, unfurl the string and measure it with a ruler or measuring tape. Check for the overall length in millimeters to get your accurate finger size. 

How to convert your measurements

For example, if you’ve decided to take measurements yourself using a tape measure or ruler, you may need to convert your findings to discover the right ring size. Standard US ring sizes typically start at 14.1 millimeters and go up 0.4 millimeters at every half-size. For example, 15.7 millimeters equates to a size 5. But if your measurement lands closer to 16 or 16.1, you’d go up a half-size to a 5.5.

Visit a Local Jewelry Store

Measuring your ring size at home can offer an easy way to feel confident about your next ring shopping session. However, if you want to feel even more confident, you can always get your ring sized in person. 

Professional jewelers know how to determine your ring size and so much more. With tools and expertise at their disposal, you’re likely to receive an incredibly accurate measurement without the at-home guesswork. 

Beyond inquiring about your ring size and using a cool ring sizing tool, you’ll want to come prepared with a handful of other useful questions for your jeweler too. The following questions can help you learn more about ring quality, durability, and care:  

  • Can this ring be modified or resized later?
  • Can you explain my payment options?
  • Can you explain the difference between the metal materials?
  • What are the 4Cs for this stone?
  • Can I see this stone’s grading report?
  • Can I add engraving?
  • What is the warranty for this ring?
  • Do I need to insure this ring?

Opting for an in-store measurement can benefit you in many ways. A professional jeweler can also give you valuable insight. Ask them about the best types of rings for your finger shape or size discrepancies. They can also supply you with sample rings to try on and compare. If you’re looking for an immersive shopping experience or just want to learn a little bit more about how rings work, an in-store consultation could be exactly the kind of personalized advice you’ll need to purchase with peace of mind. 

How Should a Ring Fit?

Now that you know how to measure ring size, let’s look at how the right ring size should fit. Say you’ve narrowed your ring size down to two possible options. You’ve successfully stayed away from rings that slip off your finger or cut off your circulation. However, the question then becomes: how can you tell your ring size when discerning between two similar sizes?

Consider the following when searching for your perfect ring:

  • Bulging – A well-fitted ring should feel snug but never tight. If a ring around your finger causes any excess skin to bulge out, it’s likely too tight. Try sizing up until you find a ring that feels stable without squeezing too much. 
  • Indentations – When you take off a ring, you may notice small indents in your skin. While fingers fluctuate all the time for various reasons—such as age, diet, time of day, or pregnancy—your ring shouldn’t leave a deep or noticeable indentation. If it leaves an indent on your first try-on, it’s probably too tight. 
  • Knuckle test – When it comes to the feel of a well-fitted ring, the knuckles can help you decide. Generally, rings should feel easier to slide on than take off. This means that your ring should be able to slide on and over your knuckle with relative ease. Although taking your ring off may require some twisting and tugging, it shouldn’t feel excessive. 

Feeling a physical ring on your finger can be the final test of the ring’s true nature. These tips can help you make an informed decision when it comes to ring sizing and avoiding ring resizing down the line. 

Your Perfect Ring Awaits at 12FIFTEEN

Whether you choose to use a measuring tape or a ring sizing tool, there are various ways to determine your correct ring size. Discovering your perfect ring size can open up so many doors for you in the future. Whether picking an engagement ring or simply looking to treat yourself to something special, you can walk into any jewelry store feeling confident and ready for anything. 

At 12FIFTEEN, we believe in providing quality rings no matter the size. Our diamond rings come in an array of cuts, shapes, and styles to complement all of your personal preferences. Plus, with our specialty lab-grown diamonds, you can enjoy the same dazzling shine of a regular diamond ring without subscribing to harmful mining practices. Practice sustainable shopping while looking fabulous. 

Make a difference without seeing a difference—shop 12FIFTEEN today.


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