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Searching different engagement ring styles is arguably one of the most important steps during the ring buying process. But with so many styles to choose from, knowing which one is best for your future fiance can get a little overwhelming. Luckily, although engagement ring trends are always evolving, there are many tried and true designs that stand the test of time. Already know you love classic designs? Check out our Guide to Classic Engagement Ring Styles. But if you’re still searching for the perfect style, we’ve outlined twelve of the most popular engagement ring styles below to help you decide which ring will best tell your love story.

A flashy lab grown marquise cut diamond paired with an accented band.

By Setting

Next-level flashy or minimalist and dainty, there’s a setting for every fashion sense under the sun. Which one will your sweetheart covet?


Classic and elegant, a solitaire setting is ideal for someone who likes to keep things simple but isn’t afraid of a little extra sparkle. The term diamond solitaire refers to a piece of jewelry with a single diamond. Although wedding rings featuring a solitaire diamond are typically straightforward in terms of design, they do offer some customization as you can pair your favorite setting with your favorite diamond shape and choose from a variety of carat weights. Best of all, every shade of precious metal looks great next to a sparkling diamond whether its yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or white gold.

A sleek solitaire style


Dial-up the glitz and glam with an accented lab diamond engagement ring. Offering plenty of room for personalization, pavé rings feature several accent stones that are placed along the band or in some cases, around the center diamond to create a halo effect. These brilliant stones are often smaller diamonds—otherwise known as pavé diamonds or micro-pavé—but there are also accented designs that feature colorful gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. This style of engagement ring comes in a variety of fashions and pairs great with any shape or stone setting like an emerald, round diamond or princess cut diamond. As a bonus, an accented ring works great as a stacking ring or a piece of jewelry on any finger, so you can feel free to accessorize in any way that you want.

Accented bands bring the sparkle

Three Stone

Three stone lab created diamond engagement rings impress with a stunning center stone accented by two diamonds or colorful gemstones on either side. A heartwarming setting, romantics often choose this style for its representation of the couple’s past, present and future. A sentiment that apparently caught Prince Harry’s attention as he proposed to Meghan Markle with a three stone engagement ring, placing the timeless style at the top of every fashionista’s radar. However, the three stone setting isn’t just #trending, this design is here for the long haul and is loved as a low profile, extra eye-catching alternative to the classic solitaire engagement ring. This setting comes in a wide selection of engagement rings, stone cuts and designs and pairs nicely with a simple or accented wedding band of any color.

Three stone settings are romantic and chic


For glam-slam fashion that emanates elegance and sparkle, the halo engagement ring setting incorporates smaller stones and intricate details for a striking look. This setting is the perfect addition to an emerald, oval or round cut diamond as the various gems of a halo setting encircle the center stone to provide a level of brilliance that can’t be beat. Variations of this halo diamond style range from the double halo to the solitaire halo, all of which are guaranteed to glimmer and gleam.

Go big or go home with a sparkling halo setting


A style so fabulous that it took eras (literally) to create, vintage settings incorporate inspiration from periods past (Vintage Engagement Rings: Victorian Style, Edwardian era, Art Deco era and Retro era to be exact). From romantic Victorian nods to Edwardian filigree, some features of a vintage engagement ring might include intricate scrollwork, colorful gemstones, bold Art Deco designs and hints of old Hollywood glamour. While true one-of-a-kind vintage engagement ring designs do exist both online and at brick and mortar jewelers, it’s also common to purchase an antique-inspired piece that includes elements from multiple eras or a vintage design with a hint of modern flair.

Vintage designs are a nod to eras past


Lights, camera, action – a glam engagement ring will have your loved one feeling like they’re always in the spotlight. Whether your future fiance prefers the beauty of a halo setting or a vintage-style ring with flashy accents, glam rings include the most dazzling selections amongst engagement ring varieties which typically come in at two carats or more. This style turns up the charm with thick bands and tons of accent stones for an ultimate showstopper effect.

Catch eyes with a glam engagement ring setting


Sometimes less is more. Minimalist engagement rings are rising in popularity as couples opt for comfort over showy statement pieces. Plus, the affordable price point of these rings can be hard to beat. But saving a little extra cash isn’t the only appeal to this style, some people prefer fine, dainty jewelry making a minimalist piece the perfect choice for them. This engagement ring style can be found in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum and often features a smaller sized diamond or gemstone.

Minimalist styles are simplistic and charming


For a shapeshifting effect, try an enhancer, a two-piece engagement ring set that will take the look of a classic style solitaire and transform it into an entirely different ring. Enhancers can be purchased by the pair or custom made to fit your loved one’s personal style.

Enhancers transform your ring into something completely new

By Metal

As the decades pass certain alloys fall in and out of favor when it comes to the jewelry world. Here’s the latest trend in engagement ring metals.

Warm Tones

Sure to make your beloved blush, rose gold is so hot right now. A gold alloy made from the combination of copper and gold, this rosy tone first came to popularity after it was adorned by the Russian royal family in the 1800s. Across the pond, rose gold landed in the U.S. just in time for the parties and flapper girls of the roaring 20s. Today, warm tones are enjoying the spotlight and rose gold is a common option when selecting an engagement ring and many fine jewelry styles. Rose gold engagement rings are adored for their ability to mix well with other metal ensembles and for their romantic and retro vibe.

By Stone

Colorful Gemstones

Bright and bold gemstones that act as the center stone are on the rise with sapphires and emeralds leading the charge. This trend is giving us vintage vibes as colored gems pay homage to old royalty and eras past.

But front and center isn’t the only place that you’ll see vibrant stones making an appearance. Gems from every corner of the rainbow are turning up as accent designs on halos and wedding bands for a fun and flashy look fit for the most lively of engagement rings.

Diamond Simulants

Diamond simulants are popular in the jewelry market thanks to their durability and low cost. Commonly known as cubic zirconia (CZ) and Moissanite, these stones are similar to diamonds in appearance but are composed of entirely different materials. This option is a wallet-friendly option for couples who want a particular setting or perhaps a larger sized stone. However, diamond simulants are known to discolor over time thus proving that you get what you pay for.

However, there are some diamond simulants that reign superior over the commonly found cubic zirconia and Moissanite. For example, the Nexus Diamond alternative is a diamond simulant that most closely imitates the look and wear of a diamond. Although this simulant doesn’t share the same chemical makeup as a true diamond, it is completely colorless, rates internally flawless and is made to stay perfect forever.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds—also known as lab created and man made diamonds—are all but the same as mined diamonds, right down to their chemical properties and composition. Lab grown diamonds have hit the engagement ring market with a bang and future newlyweds love these diamonds for their beauty and environmentally superior edge because they’re not mined. Just like a mined diamond, lab grown diamonds come with a gem certification so that you can get all the deets on your shiny new symbol of love. Of course, a huge appeal to lab created diamonds is the price tag as they often cost drastically less than a mined diamond without sacrificing quality (unlike some diamond simulants).

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